When Batman needs to communicate with his trusty sidekick Robin or Alfred at the Batcave, Batman uses the BAT RADIO. This version of the BAT RADIO is based off of the 1966 television series starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin.

This version of the 1966 BAT RADIO I purchased from CY PRODUCTIONS.

Here is the BAT RADIO in raw form.

I am so ever grateful that CY PRODUCTIONS sold me a raw casting of this. Many prop builders and companies usually will not sell raw castings due to so many people recasting them.

Included with the BAT RADIO kit was a bunch of odds and ends to help finish the kit. Most of the parts and pieces I will end up using. I may replace a part or two with something that is more accurate and to my liking for this project.

*One thing missing is the battery bulb holder. I will have to pick one up.

After I washed the BAT RADIO I cleaned it up a little bit. I debated if I wanted to smoothout the entire thing.

At first I decided not to since I like the texture to it. But then again, it looks smooth on the television show. So yeah I will end up smoothing it out.

Before I sand and smooth the BAT RADIO I went ahead and filled in some of the air bubbles that was in the resin. When dry I will smooth it out.

It was getting to me about sanding the BAT RADIO smooth. This resin casting was apparently casted off of an original BAT RADIO from the show. It seems a shame to sand that out, but the texture is from old paint. So yes, it will be sanded smooth.

As I was smoothing out the BAT RADIO. I ended up making a template for the backside of the BAT RADIO.

Time to finish smoothing out this BAT RADIO.

After I had smoothed out the BAT RADIO I washed it really good with soap and hot water.

Now to let it dry as I start on the detail pieces.

I did not like the metal screen you have to cut out into a circle to make the speaker cover that came with this BAT RADIO kit. So I made a template and cut one out of plastic. It was a chore to drill out all the little holes. They are not 100% perfectly lined up but after several tries I said I am happy with this one.

I also made a frame piece for the light-up area.

After I made the detail pieces, I drilled out all the holes that I need for all the pieces to attach to.

*Not shown is the plastic that goes under the light-up area under the frame.

Remember the template I made for the backside? Well I took the included piece of plastic in the kit and cut it out. It took a little trial and error to make it fit.

The little protrusion at the bottom I made it a little narrow so you can grab it and lift with your fingers.

There is also the little notch at the top left corner that you could use as well.

Next I went ahead and put the two attena together.

I also painted the frame for the light-up area, the circular speaker cover and the cap for the push button.

You may have noticed that I have not started to paint the main body of the BAT RADIO yet. This is because I have been working on the electronic light-up feature. I wanted to make sure everything would fit and work properly before I started to paint the main body of the BAT RADIO, as you can see here with electronics in place but not attached.

Now that everything is working and fits, it is time to begin to paint the BAT RADIO. I started off with black primer and if there were are any places that need smoothing or fixing I got that taken care of.

As I have been working on this project I was trying to decide what color to paint my BAT RADIO. Most replicas of this item are painted black which is accurate. However in season 1 the BAT RADIO was blue in color. In the end I decided to paint my BAT RADIO black as well since it is the color most people know and associate the BAT RADIO to be.

OK! The BAT RADIO body is now painted black.

I do believe it is time to start to assemble it all together and see how it turned out.

I put in a piece of black cardboard inside the circle speaker hole. I did not want to be able to see through the speaker grill.

I then installed my electronics.

Lets see if the light feature works.

Yes, it does.
This is the back cover plate that I made earlier. It just snaps into place on the backsdie of the BAT RADIO.

The two attena were place into the BAT RADIO body as the silver push button glued on.

The attena do move up and down but for my display purposes I will be keeping them in the up position.

Then I attached the red border thing I made out of styrene plastic with plastic backing piece. To get the clouded effect on the clear plastic backing I rubbed it with sandpaper just to cloud it up.

Next is to attach the circular speaker grill I made and I do believe my BAT RADIO is completed.

Due to lighting colors may not appear as they actually are in real life.