A Batarang is a bat-shaped throwing device/weapon used by Batman as a non-lethal ranged attack alternative to firearms, which he rejects outright due to the circumstances of his parents' murder.

Variations of Batarangs include those that can be opened and closed (presumably so they can fit into Batman's utility belt), those that can be explosively charged and those, which are electrified. A grappling hook made out of a Batarang and a rope was common until Batman began using an upgraded grappling hook device. There are also the remote controlled Batarangs and other specialty Batarangs.

This version of the "Sidekick" Batarang I purchased from CY PRODUCTIONS.

Here is the Batarang for Batgirl.

I am so ever grateful that CY PRODUCTIONS sold me a raw casting of this Batarang. Many prop builders and companies usually will not sell raw castings due to so many people recasting them.

I started off by washing the Batgirl Batarang with soap and hot water. This was to get any casting resiude off of the Batarang.

I then sanded down areas that needed some clean up.

After I had washed the Batgirl Batarang again with soap and hot water I took some contour putty and filled in the little air bubble pockets.

I have now sanded and cleaned up the Batgirl Batarang. From here I will go over it again and fix any parts and areas that I feel need cleaning up or fixing.

I have given the Batgil Batarang a coat of grey primer. This will help me see where other areas that still need to be cleaned up or fixed. As you can see there are a lot of little air bubbles that still need to be filled in and cleaned up.

I went over the entire Batgirl Batarang and filled in air bubbles and areas with contour putty again.

This is the time consuming part of geting an item ready. The more time you put into getting an item ready the better it will turn out in the end.

After the contour putty had dried I sanded down the entire Batgirl Batarang. It is starting to look fairly decent. I know that I am not going to get the Batarang 100% smooth and that is fine with me. The originals used on the show were not very clean and smooth anyways. I just need it to look decent for my 1966 Batman dispaly I am working on.

I looked over the entire Batarang and felt it looked smooth enough to procede. I had decided to give it a base coat of purple spray paint. I just used whatever purple I had sitting in the garage to use for this base coat. This will help give me an idea of what the Batgirl Batarang will look like as I continue working on it.

After the purple paint had dried I felt that the Batgirl Batrang looked pretty good. There are a few little spots on it that are not 100% percfect but again, that is fine.

I gave the Batgirl Batarang a quick sanding and wash. It is now ready for painting.

I will be using Testors One Coat Lacquer Spray Model Paint - 1842 Purple-Licious. I wanted the purple color to be metallic and sparkle like Bat Girls outfit and accessories so I picked a purple color that I felt was appropriate.

*From my awareness and knowledge of Batgirl from the 1966/1968 Batman televison show, Batgirl only ever used a Batarang once on the show and that was when she teamed up with Robin to rescue Batman. The Batarang she used was blue in color, not purple since it was from Batman's arsenal. If I am wrong please correct me.

I am not sure where the purple color Batarang came from. It just seems that is the color everyone uses for a Batgirl Batarang. Please if you know the history let me know. My guess is that the purple color came from the toys that were made or just lack of knowledge and everyone just painted their replica purple.

Due to lighting conditions colors may not appear as they actually are in real life.