A Batarang is a bat-shaped throwing device/weapon used by Batman as a non-lethal ranged attack alternative to firearms, which he rejects outright due to the circumstances of his parents' murder.

Variations of Batarangs include those that can be opened and closed (presumably so they can fit into Batman's utility belt), those that can be explosively charged and those, which are electrified. A grappling hook made out of a Batarang and a rope was common until Batman began using an upgraded grappling hook device. There are also the remote controlled Batarangs and other specialty Batarangs.

This version of the Batarang I purchased off of Etsy from the seller Awesomegiftshop.

This resin casting of the Batman Forever Folding Batarang is very well done. I am very happy with the quality of this Batarang.

I was actually surprised it was double sided. Many of the castings of this batarang are usally flat on the back, only just the front being casted. So yes, I am happy it is double sided.

I started by giving the batarang a wash to remove any casting residue. After it had dried I started to fill in areas that were not perfect or just needed some filling with contour putty.

I sanded down and cleaned up the batarang.

It is looking fairly decent already. If you start with a decent quality casting, the easier it is to clean up and prepare an item.

I once again washed the batarang with hot water and soap. When dry I once again filled in any spots or areas that needed to still be fixed.

This time I even rebuilt little areas that were not casted perfectly.

I then as you can see I took the Batarang and primed it with black primer (only back shown). This will help me see how the Batarang is looking.

The wet batarang is drying.

Once the primer had dried, I cleaned up a few spots on the batarang that I had missed. I am going to give it another wash before I put another coat of primer on the Batarang.

After a little more work I washed the batarang thoroughly. After it had dried I gave the entire batarang a look-over. I was happy with how it looked so I gave the batarang the first coat of paint.

The color varies depending on who you talk to, what refrences you look at, ect. I did not want black, I did not want dark blue and I did not want shiny chrome. So I opted for something dark like Batman would use. I decided on Rust-Oleum Metallic 7250 Black Night Metallic. It looks grey when sprayed but when dry (you will see) it is a darker.

Now to finish painting my Batman Forever Batarang.

Due to indoor/outdoor conditions and lighting colors may not appear as they actually are in real life.

Batman Forever Batarang

Batman Forever Batarang

Batman Forever Batarang