A Batarang is a bat-shaped throwing device/weapon used by Batman as a non-lethal ranged attack alternative to firearms, which he rejects outright due to the circumstances of his parents' murder.

Variations of Batarangs include those that can be opened and closed (presumably so they can fit into Batman's utility belt), those that can be explosively charged and those, which are electrified. A grappling hook made out of a Batarang and a rope was common until Batman began using an upgraded grappling hook device. There are also the remote controlled Batarangs and other specialty Batarangs.

This version of the Batman Beyond Batarang I purchased from AtomicMonsterArt on Etsy.

Here is the Batman Beyond Batarang in raw form.

I am so ever grateful that AtomicMonsterArt sold me a raw casting of this Batarang. Many prop builders and companies usually will not sell raw castings due to so many people recasting them.

The backside of the Batarang was really rough. I began by washing it with hot water and soap to get any residue off that might be on the Batarang. I then sanded it a bit and then started filling in the cracks and spots in with contour putty.

After the contour putty had dried I sanded it down again. There are still areas that need to be cleaned up and filled in.

I filled in areas and spots again with more contour putty. I am building up and sanding areas that need to be fixed until I am happy with it.

After a few fillings and sandings on the Batarang I decided to prime it just to help me see how this Batarang is shaping up.

I sanded the entire Batarang and it is starting to look decent.

As you can see, the work so far of filling in spots and areas with contour putty and sanding it is starting to pay off.

After another sanding and doing some more cleanup work on the Batarang I felt good about it. It was looking pretty decent.

I gave it a coat of primer to see how it was looking.

After the primer had dried I liked how the Batarang was looking. I started to paint the base/body of the Batarang with Rust-Oleum American Accents 280721 Semi Gloss Black spray paint.

When the black paint for the Batarang was dry I masked off one wing and painted it with Rust-Oleum American Accents284980 Satin Oasis Blue spray paint.

When the wing is dry I will mask off and paint the other wing of the Batarang.

OK, in Batman Beyond - Terry/Batman for the most part uses Batarangs that have red colored wings. My Batman Beyond Injustice Batarang has that coloration. I wanted something just a little different just so I would not have two Batarangs of the same coloration. I had decided to base my Batman Beyond Batarang on the blue coloring on the wings, just to be a little different but still cannon.
Due to lighting conditions colors may not appear as they actually are in real life.