A Batarang is a bat-shaped throwing device/weapon used by Batman as a non-lethal ranged attack alternative to firearms, which he rejects outright due to the circumstances of his parents' murder.

Variations of Batarangs include those that can be opened and closed (presumably so they can fit into Batman's utility belt), those that can be explosively charged and those, which are electrified. A grappling hook made out of a Batarang and a rope was common until Batman began using an upgraded grappling hook device. There are also the remote controlled Batarangs and other specialty Batarangs.

This version of the Batarang I got from Cupp Creations.

Here is the raw casting of the Batman Beyond / Injustice Batarang. As you can see it is casted all in black. It will take some time to trim it out but I look forward to working on this Batarang.

I am so ever grateful that Cupp Creations sold me a raw casting of this Batarang. Many prop builders and companies usually will not sell raw castings due to so many people recasting them.

Here is the Batrang roughly trimmed out. As you can see it is starting to look like a Batarang. Now it is time to start cleaning this Batarang up.

I have now did some clean up work on this Batarang. There are some spots that need a little more work and some spots that need some filler and sanded.

After working and sanding on the Batarang I did more clean up. There was a lot more than I thought originally. So with some trimming, sanding, filling, ect. I started to make this Batarang look pretty good.
I washed the Batarang with hot water and soap. Then I primed the Batarang to help me see what it was looking like. There are a few more spots that I feel need fixing.

I decided that I do not like the rivit hing things since they are a bit warped and out of shape. So I decided to drill them out. I will place allen screws into the holes that I drilled to make it more to my liking.

This is what the allen head screws will look like once glued into the Batarang.

*There are four allen screw heads all together. I will glue them into the holes back to back to fill in the holes that I drilled.

On the backside of the Batarang I drilled out the center sculpted rivit. This is because of the way I will be displaying this Batarang.
I will be placing a dowel rod through the back to hold the Batarang up inside the shadow box display that I will have it in.

So now that I am pretty happy with how this Batarang is looking I decided to prime it. There are a few little dings and such but that is ok. I will be weathering this Batarang as if it has been used.

I am happy with how it looks. Lets start to paint it.

Since this Batarang is based on Batman Beyond, but from the Injustice - Gods Among Us video game, I decided to paint it more realistically with some artistic touches.

The body or base coat of this Batarang I painted with Dupli-Color Perfect Match Automotive Paint - BHA0982 Nighthawk Black Peral (B92P).

It is a very dark blue, almost black. I felt that this version of the Batarang would look good in this color.

After the base coat or body color had dried I went ahead and installed/glued the allen head screws into place.

I had already painted the allen head screws the same color as the body of the Batarang before I glued them in.

I then masked off one side both front and back of the Batarang fin/wing to paint it.

I painted the fin/wing of the Batarang with Rust-Oleum 7256830 Metallic Apple Red. I felt that this color red was appropriate for this Batarang.

When dry I will give it a second coat.

This is what the Batarang is looking like so far. I am really happy with how it is looking. I will let it dry overnight and then paint the other fin/wing.

When the Batarang is all painted I will add a little bit of weathering and call it finished.

Due to lighting conditions colors may not appear as they actually are in real life.