GenConIndy 2017
August 17-20, 2017

Wow GenCon Indy 2017 is already here. This year it seems that Indianapolis has had so many conventions and events that there was never a dull moment.


If you did not hear, on July 6, 2017 it was announced by GenCon Indy that four-day badges for the upcoming event held in Indianapolis, Indiana August 2017 were sold-out! That’s right gamer’s if you wanted to attend GenCon Indy you better have already bought your attending badges. GenCon Indy has been growing every year and there seems no stopping the preverbal snowball from getting even larger.

Also as many found out, GenCon Indy was not offering on-site badge sales this year.


This year GenCon is having its 50th year anniversary. The 4-day party will be happening at the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium and several hotels from Aug. 17-20, 2017. Not to worry if you could not attend this year but GenCon Indy is scheduled to remain in Indianapolis until 2021.


With the festivities this year GenCon Indy has scheduled more than 500 exhibitors, more than 19,000 events and a concert from Grammy-winning recording artist ‘They Might Be Giants.’ All I can say is that GenCon Indy 2017 is the place to have been at and I have not even started my report yet.


Ok, as all the readers know by now this is GenCon Indy. I am going to go and tell you what it is about, it is not just the four largest days of gaming, and it is the four largest days of fun. If you can name it you can probably find it at GenCon Indy from games, toys, Cosplay, dice, specialty groups, music, food and just so much more fun.


As I started my walk through of GenCon Indy 2017 the first thing I noticed from the start is how many people were here. The crowd, the lines, the craziness of GenCon has grown and it shows. What usually would have taken me a couple of hours to just do a quick walk through now has taken me several hours. Not including time that will be used for interviews, demonstrations, meeting people, taking pictures and just trying to do an outstanding report for you all.


I want to say thank you to the people at the Ravensburger booth #2111 for the demonstration of the Harry Potter game. Being a fan of Harry Potter I had to partake. It was fun and though I do not own many games myself, this will be one that I will pick up to have.


Also many of you might know that I work (when I can) as a script supervisor and actor on movie and television projects. I currently was the script supervisor on an independent project titled Submerged: Echo 51 by DV Entertainment Pictures. It is a sci-fi based project that is just part of a continuing series. It is being shown at GenConIndy so I encourage you to go take a look. You can learn more about this project at


Thanks to Midnight Syndicate for another year of great music. You are one of the reasons I look forward to attending GenConIndy just to get your latest cd. The new cd “Zombies!!!” is another masterpiece of music to listen you while you play games or just need some amazing background music to listen to.


As I walked around GenConIndy and taking in all that was going on in a mass whirlwind of people, games and smells (not all pleasant) I learned a few new things, got introduced to some stuff and pretty much just had a great time. The nightlife at GenConIndy was just something you had to be there to experience. If you were there you know how much fun it was. If not, well then next year you just have to attend but get your tickets early before they sell out like they did this year.

I cannot write all about everything and what goes on or what games I partook in demos, the people I met, ect. There is just way too much to see and do at GenConIndy and if I did write about everything it would be way too much for you to read. So as usual I just keep it to the basics to give you a taste of what GenConIndy is all about.


This year being the 50th anniversary there was more attention getting displays and things to do. Hope the fun continues to grow and see you next year!