IndyFurCon 2017

August 11-13, 2017


Another IndyFurCon was upon us. It was that time again to put on the fursuit and become a bright green husky named IKE Husky. Usually my husband would be in a red husky fursuit named MIKE Husky and together we are MIKE and IKE. But unfortunately this year my husband become ill and could not partake in wearing his fursuit.


So this year’s theme for IndyFurCon was “Remembering the 80’s” and a major change to the convention this year is that it was going to try to be kept “family friendly.”


Let me first start out by saying that many furs and I mean many did not like the family friendly approach to IndyFurCon this year. There were no panels that catered to a more mature audience. In fact most furries found IndyFurCon to be one of the most boring furry conventions ever. There was just nothing to do and most of the panels were video game or just plain boring (no offense to those who were doing a panel).


Usually at night a furry convention are upbeat, lots of fursuits running around causing a little trouble, mingling in the hotel, ect. With no mature panels or anything going on at night (past 9pm when families are mostly gone) there was just not much to do so many furries drank and had room parties to pass the time away.
Now do not get me wrong, there were still the dances, karaoke and some things to do but not much.


The nighttime highlight for me at the convention was I got to sit outside on the patio and just hang with friends.


I think the highlight for many furries this year was the fursuit parade. As usual it was sight to see and just so many furries in one place. Every year the amount of furries in the parade grows.


For me since I was fursuiting alone as IKE Husky I was forever grateful for ArcherWolf hanging out with me at times and taking photos of me as IKE Husky. It was a lot of fun to be in front of the camera hamming it up.


As many of you know, I am also a rubber puppy. I tried to have a late night human pup panel but was shot down by the whole family friendly aspect. I was told I could do pup stuff at night if I wanted to but not IndyFurCon sanctioned.


I brought my Wubber gear with me and wanted to take some photos outside in the courtyard by the fountain with some other rubber furries and or pup and animals. When I geared up and went outside after it was already dark outside, a member of the IndyFurCon staff approached me and said that I could not be outside in my rubber gear and was told to go back to my room. My gear is not obscene but they wanted it to be family friendly so I complied. Thankfully a friend was there with me and went with me back to my room where he took some pictures of me in my gear.  I had to tell everyone who was coming down for pictures by the fountain it was cancelled.


So IndyFurCon wanted to keep it “family friendly” but I find it strange that there were people there in other types of gear and nothing was said to them. Also if you wanted to keep it “family friendly” how come fursuits were allowed to be wearing underwear in the public areas? That is not family friendly especially when they stuff their bulge in their sexy suggestive underwear.

Ok, fine I am done ranting but if you want to keep it family friendly you need to enforce that with everyone and not let your friends get away with stuff just because you are on staff and do not want to hurt their feelings.


The good thing about IndyFurCon is that most of the furries are amazing and generous people raising $14,496.66 for the Southside Animal Shelter.

I hope with the change of a new chairman and some staff that IndyFurCon gets back to its roots and becomes a fun furry con for all. We will see in 2018 with the theme of “Canadian Invasion” August 24-26, 2018.