Midwest Leather and Puppy Weekend – St. Louis, Missouri
September 30, 2016 – October 2, 2016

My husband Brandon (DrakinPup) and I (Wubber Pup) decided to attend the Midwest Leather and Puppy Weekend in St. Louis with our friend Scott (Pup Cobra).
I have been an active human pup for a few years now but I have never attended anything like this. So when our friend Scott asked, we said yes.

We drove to St. Louis and the trip was pretty uneventful and quick, only about 4.5 hours. When we got to the hotel where most of the puppies we knew were going to be staying the first gut punch occurred. As we were checking in the hotel informed us that they know about the event we are attending and absolutely no gear was to be worn within the hotel public areas. So if you wanted to wear gear you would have to wear it under regular clothes. The hotel said it would be better if we changed at the location where the event was being held. I being a rubber puppy did not like this one bit but I understood the hotel rules. I was not going to put my gear one and then clothes over it. So after we checked in we went and checked out the location. There was no way someone could change into gear. So I with a broken heart decided that I would not be wearing any of Wubber Pup’s gear at this event. Instead I opted to only wear my Mr. S. Neoprene Puppy Hood and my collar.

The event itself was pretty boring unless you are a hairy leather bear. There was like only a handful of other pups there as well. Most of the time it was just sitting around and hanging out.

Across the street from the Midwest Leather and Puppy event was an IKEA store. I have never been to one so that night we went there with a bunch a people from the event and walked around and had dinner. It is a neat store. I can see why people like it so much.

On Saturday I did attend the KINK U puppy panel while DrakinPup slept in, he was not feeling well. It lasted about 30-minutes and was basically an intro to pup play / human puppy. Nothing really new as in information but it was nice to see some other people interested in this type of thing.

Not wanting to go back to the location for the event that afternoon, Brandon and I went out and explored St. Louis for the day. We did not go to the arch but we did go to the Moto Museum and restaurant. We had some burgers and then walked around the small museum they had of motorcycles. It was fun.

We went back to the event with Pup Cobra who was having a great time since he is a bear and into leather. We talked to a few people and had a few drinks. Saw the show that was kind of boring and then we headed out.

The next day we went to breakfast and hung out a bit before saying goodbye. It was nice to meet some new people who I doubt will remember us.

So was Midwest Leather and Puppy weekend worth it? For my husband DrakinPup  and I no it was not worth it. I was mostly disappointed that I could not be in my full Wubber Pup gear. But at least I got to wear my neoprene hood while there and take some cell phone pictures. I did not take pictures of the event itself for I was not sure if I was allowed. I did not see other people taking pictures except for selfies and with friends.

If you are into leather and bears it was a place for you. I doubt that I would return to this event. It just was not for me.