Baseball grenades are hollowed out baseballs filled with oil and fertilizer, which act as an improvised explosive mix. Low-tech and easy to make, the baseball grenade deals moderate ballistic damage to nearby enemies.

Although it has lower damage, this grenade stands out from the rest as throwing the grenade does not attract attention. However, enemies can still detect the detonation.

I started off by purchasing a cheap baseball. With acetone I wiped off all logos and text that was on the baseball.

I then started to weather up the baseball. I took some light color stain and wiped off the baseball. The stain got into the stitching so it would not be all bright white. When that dried I wiped it off and with various spray paints I misted and weathered the baseball to what I thought was appropriate.

I gathered the hardware materials that I needed.

I drilled a hole into the screw piece for the safety pin to be placed in.

I weathered them up and painted them a bit just so they did not look all shiny and new. As you know nothing in the Fallout world is brand spanking new besides some government things.

I notched out a small hole into the baseball. The washer piece that I am using has a base part on the underside and it will fit into that hole.

When all my pieces for my Baseball Grenade were ready for assmembly I started to glue them into place one piece at a time.

I first did a test fit to make sure my base hardware piece was going to fit properly. When I was happy with it I glued it onto the baseball.

I then screwed on the top piece for my Baseball Grenade.

From there I stuck my safety pin assembly through the hole that I drilled into the screw piece earlier.

My Baseball Grenade is now complete. I think it looks decent and will look great in my Fallout Collection.

Fallout Baseball Grenade

Fallout Baseball Grenade

Fallout Baseball Grenade

Fallout Baseball Grenade

Just pull the pin and throw. Then your enemy will be out!