Buffout is a highly advanced steroid within the Fallout series of games that was popularized before the Great War by professional athletes. This drug increases strength and reflexes, with the disadvantage of being highly addictive. Using too much Buffout causes cardiac arrest, or even death.

I started off after I emptied a vitamin bottle. It is a dark translucent brown in color so it was going to be perfect for this project. The only problem was the bottle had a flip-top lid and it would not work so I have to find a lid that would.

I found a lid to a Tylenol bottle that was perfect. With some acetone I wiped off the Tylenol logo information on the lid.
The neck of the vitamin bottle was too tall for this project. So with my sander I ground down the neck of the vitamin bottle to the proper height. The Tylenol lid fits on it still but not tight. So I may have to do something about that later.
On my computer I created a label for the BUFFOUT using reference images from the Fallout game.

I think it looks rather nice.
I printed out the label I made onto sticky back peel and stick paper. I carefully cut it out and then applied it to my vitamin bottle. I did rough up the blttle a bit with some sandpaper just so it was not baby butt smooth so that the label would have something to stick to.

My recreation of BUFFOUT is now completed for my Fallout collection.
Original Buffout