Jet is a highly addictive drug first synthesized by Myron - a child-genius and chemist from the town of Redding. It is extracted from Brahmin dung fumes and administered via an inhaler.

There are several styles of Jet within the Fallout Universe.

This 3D printed kit is from TheGimpyGiraffe on Etsy.

This is the raw 3D printed piece for the Fallout Jet. With it also came an empty co2 cartridge.

For a 3D printed piece it is actually very well printed and overall I am very happy with it.

I first started off by sanding down the 3D printed piece of the Fallout Jet. As you can see it is looking at lot cleaner from its raw form.

To help me see what I am doing I primed the piece with grey primer. I also stuck a dowel rod into the top of it to help me hold it while working on this piece.

When the primer had dried I used a little contour putty to fill in some spots.

I then sanded down the entire piece of this Fallout Jet. You can see how much nicer it is looking.

I sanded the co2 cylinder that came with this Fallout Jet kit.

I also made a little plug that will fit into the top of the Fallout Jet body, this will help hold the co2 cartridge in place when glued in after painting.

I went ahead and painted the co2 cylinder with Rusto-Oleum American Accents Satin Poppy Red.

After I washed and primed the body of the Fallout Jet, I went ahead and gave it a coat of gloss white paint.

It is starting to come along.

I masked off the body of the Falout Jet and then painted it with flat grey paint.

After the body of the Fallout Jet had copletely dried I glued in my little plug that I made to help hold the co2 cartridge.

Now it is time to glue the co2 cartridge into place on the Fallout Jet body.

Since nothing in the Fallout universe is very clean, I went ahead and dirtied up the Fallout Jet just a little bit. It is now complete and I think it will look good in my Fallout collection.