Laser based weapons are the most common energy weapon in the wastelands. Lasers were produced in pistol and rifle form before the Great War. Offering superior damage with a slower rate of fire users can adapt and modify them for long range sniping, fully automatic fire, or even igniting targets. Such weapons can be particularly useful against enemies who focused entirely on physical protection, leaving them vulnerable to energy damage. They can be found in many forms throughout the Commonwealth.

This is the Falout Laser Pistol kit that I purchased off of Dan0natorsProps on Etsy. As you can see it has several 3D-printed parts that have a nice solid feel to them.

I cleaned up some of the parts and did some test fitting to make sure the pieces all will join together.

After cleaning up the pieces I washed them throughly with soap and warm water. That way they will be residue and dust free for priming later on.

*As you may notice the grips of the gun are different in color in this picture. This is because DanOnatorsProps sent me a second set due to the first set being warped along with some missing pieces.

After the pieces were all dry I started to prime them. I used black for the dark parts and white for the light parts aka power souce.

I then started painting my base coats onto the pieces after the primer was dry.

I would paint them and then do a little wiping to help start the worn look from Fallout.

I decided to assemble and work on the grip for this laser pistol. I just wanted it to be smooth and no seams showing where the two halves join.

After I got the grip to the way I wanted to look I continued my progress on this weapon.
I painted base coats, painted some layers all to start to get this laser pitsol to start looking like it came from the wastelands.

For the power source I masked off the painted half and brushed the red ring onto the power source. I did not put the arrows or text that is sometimes show.

I decided to keep mine simple.

After the basic painting I did some weathering and detail work. From the image it may not look like much but in person you can see the detailing that I did for this weapon. It is worn and dirty as it should be.

I then assembled the main sections of the laser pistol. I test fitted each piece with the little tabs before applying any glue.

It took some adjusting on some parts to get them to fit properly. I did have one part that did not fit perfectly but that is ok, it is the wastelands and I am sure that weapons are not in tip top shape.

For the power source, I decided since this is going to be a costume piece I did not want to use magnets to hold the power source in place. I just do not trust the magnets to hold it without it falling off and getting lost.

Instead I cut a dowel and made a pin. I glued it into the power source and then glued it into the weapon also making sure to add a little glue to the positive side of the power source to hold it in place to the weapon. It is permanetly fixed to the gun and will never fall out.

This is my finished Laser Pistol from Fallout.
I hope you enjoy what I did.