Fallout Lead Pipe

A small section of lead pipe sometimes with nuts and bolts attached. It has a medium swing speed and low damage, being a one-handed melee weapon. It is swung downward followed by a horizontal swing. Its power attack is a heavy downward strike.

I wanted to add to my Fallout Collection and for my costuming shenanigans. So I gathered my parts in 1" pvc pipe materials.

I am not going to use a real lead pipe for it would get heavy carrying it around and of course I do not want to really hurt anyone or anything.

After I cut my pvc pipe I took my fitting and unscrewed it into its three pieces. I then cleaned everything really well so I could start my painting process.

I started with a base coat of flat black primer. After it had dried I used the brownish red scotch guard scrubbing pad to clean it up. I also painted the inside of the pvc pipe black just so the white would not stand out.

After I wiped all the pieces off that are now painted black I assembled and glued everything together.

Now that I have a solid lead pipe assembly I paited the entire assembled unit with silver spray paint.

After the silver paint had dried I used various other spray paint colors to weather up fake lead pipe.

I gave my lead pipe a spray coating of satin clear spray. This blends all the colors and just makes the fake lead pipe look old, plus it will protect the paint.

I then used some tape and wrapped the base of the fake lead pipe. I know in the game it looks like it is wrapped with cloth but in reality that would not be something someone would take the time to do when tape is much more available and will stick instantly.

I then added some paint to weather up the tape.

I was thinking I was finished with my fake lead pipe for my Fallout collection but something felt unfinished. I decided to add some blood to my pipe. So with some paint I drizzled some off red paint onto the head of my fake lead pipe. Now I felt like it was completed and has bashed some heads in.

Fallout Lead Pipe