The Nuka-grenade is a craftable thrown explosive in Fallout 3.

Nuka-grenades are crude, yet effective, bombs consisting of a sealed tin can filled with Nuka-Cola Quantum, Abraxo Cleaner and Turpentine, which react with one another to explode. Around the middle are several strips of masking tape and the words "RADIATION" and "DANGER" written on both sides in black marker.

When thrown, the grenade erupts into a great blue and orange fireball. Its power is bested only by the mini nuke and the bottles cap mine (with perks). Flames and radiation linger for a few seconds after the explosion.

I started off with purchasing a cheap store brand of broth. I punched a hole in the top and bottom of the can to drain and clean the can.

After it was clean on the inside I marked and put in my holes for the Nuka-Grenade.

I then with various spray paints weatherd my can to make it look old and used.

For the taped label I placed down some masking tape and wrote DANGER RADIATION just like they are shown in the game.

I sprayed the back of the masking tape with spray glue then wrapped my makeshift warning label onto my weathered can.

You do not have to be to careful when applying the warning label, not all the Nuka-Grenades are going to be the same.

I then cut and glued in my black and red wires.

I did use a little heavier wire for my Nuka-Grenade. This is due to the fact that this is what I had and I did not see any reason to go purchase more wire.

Where the wires attach to the side of the can there are nuts glued into place just like in the game. Not sure what they are for besides decoration.

You will notice the top of the can does not get the nuts for the wires.

I then screwed on my bolt with spacer piece into the top of the can. Before I screwed it all the down I did put some glue onto it just before screwing it all the way down. This way it will stay in place and not fall out or anything.

My Nuka-Grenade is now completed.