The Pipe Revolver Pistol packs quite a punch while having a low rate of fire. It comes in several styles and can be converted into a rifle by attaching a stock. It features about the same amount of barrel options as other pipe counterparts making it a highly versatile weapon system.

I bought a Fallout Pipe Revolver Pistol kit off of Dan0natorsProps on Etsy.

It is 3D printed and the quality is fantastic. All the pieces are solid and with a litle work ready to be assembled.

I knew I wanted my Pipe Pistol Revolver to look good and loaded. I did not have any bullet shell casings long enough for the chamber so I took some extra shorter bullet casings and bullets that I had and with a wooden dowel rod extended the bullets I was about to make for my Pipe Pistol Revolver.

After I glued my bullets together I placed them into the chamber just to see how they will look. Since I will be gluing them into the chamber I did not paint or do anything to my glued bullets.

I cleaned up, preped and washed all the pieces to the Pipe Pistol Revolver kit. I studied the blueprints and instructions and started to assemble this kit.

I started to fit and work the pieces of the Pipe Pistol Revolver together.

This is the grip for the Pipe Pistol Revolver. All the pieces fit well and screw together.

Some Pipe Pistol Revolvers have a leather wrap, I did not add it to my version of this prop replica. I like the naked look and feel of the grip.

I then started working on the trigger guts. It took some time to figure it out and get the springs cut to the correct length to get it work properly.

I then assembled the entire Pipe Pistol Revolver.

I like the look and feel of this prop replica. My custom bullets gave the Pipe Pistol Revolver some weight.

I then started to weather and paint the Pipe Pistol Revolver.

There are several ways you can paint the Pipe Pistol Revolver. Who is to say it has to be painted a cerain way in the wasteland?

I gave my Pipe Pistol Revolver a look that it has been outside open to the elements.

After I kept painting and weathering my Pipe Pistol Revolver I was happy with it.

Fallout Pipe Revolver Pistol

Fallout Pipe Revolver Pistol

Fallout Pipe Revolver Pistol

Fallout Pipe Revolver Pistol

Fallout Pipe Revolver Pistol