A Welder’s Mask is a piece of headwear as the name suggests, used by welder’s to protect their face from sparks flying into their face and protect their eyes from the bright torch.


In the Wastelands many including Raiders have modified this type of mask for facial protection. Some have added blades and spikes for a scary appearance all the way to modifying them to be breath masks and more. This is just one of those modified Welder Masks found in the Wastelands.

I decided to make a random Welding Mask for my FALLOUT collection after I saw some images of modified welder masks on the internet. It got my creativity going so after I purchased a cheap mask I decided on how and what I wanted to do to it. I based my idea off of a picture I saw with some of my own touches.

I started off by making templates for pieces I wanted to add to the mask.

With some plastic I made a frame for the eye-shield. After I knew it would fit I heated it up and bent it to the shape of the welder mask.

I then glued my frame into place and marked and drilled some holes. I then placed rivets into the holes to give it a more industrial look.

I then made a random mouth piece for a tube to fit.

I heted it up to bend to the shape of the welder mask.

I then drilled a hole into the welders mask for a tube to go through. I glued my mouth piece on and then marked and drilled some hole to put rivets into.

I took a piece of plumbing hardware and attached it to the welder mask. I though of having the mouth tube go to this but instead I changed my mind as I was working on this hemlet.

I decided to make this a light. I had a broken led light that I placed the light assembly into the piece.

It does not light-up but that is ok for me.

So this is what I had. I knew I wanted to add some details but was not sure what to do. So as I was brainstorming I came up with some ideas.
I still wanted a tube for the mouth so I worked on that idea. I was going to attach it to the mouth and run my hose to the side of the helmet where I would put a pipe piece.
This is what it looked like. I thought the idea was neat but I was not happy with it. So I brainstormed some more and made a change.
With some pipe parts I made a little breathing filter thing. I think it makes this welder's mask more industrial.

Now to weather it up a bit and call it finished.

So this is my Wasteland / Raider Welder's Helmet Mask. Not accurate to anything
in the Fallout games but just something fun to have in my Fallout collection.