FIERO Dash Corners

With my Dash Corner Caps I got an extra piece. At first I had no idea what it was but then after some checking I found out it is a Console Tray.


This is what the unknown piece I got looked like. It was just a black piece of plastic.

After I found out what it was the question was do I want to put it into my Fiero? I had to decide to leave it out or go ahead and put it in... Without or With?

I decided to go ahead and put in this Console Tray. I had to clean it up a bit so it would fit better than the pre-trim it had.

I then painted it with the grey color paint that the inside of my Fiero was refurbished with. The color is a little differnet from the interior of my Fiero but that is ok with me. It looks like it belongs to the car even though this is an add-on and not a manufacturer item.

To keep this Console Tray in place while driving, I went ahead and placed in two little strips of velcro.

The velcro will hold it and also allow me to remove the Console Tray if I ever need to.

I placed in the finsined Console Tray.

I like how it fits. I am guessing I will use this tray to hold a pencil, some gum or even some loose change if need be.

Console Tray for Fiero