Fiero Cup Holder

Fiero is driving nice, the day is sunny and warm, while driving you would like a nice cold drink. That is all fine and all but where do you put your drink while driving? There is no cup holders in the Fiero. Until now.


I purchased a duel cup holder from AutoZone (also sold at other stores) that sticks between two seats. I liked this cup holder since it had room for two drinks and a middle spot to put your phone, ect.
Obviously the part that goes into the seat is way to long, plus it will not fit into the Fiero seat. I decided that I would mount it to the passenger side of the shifter box. It will cover up that ash tray but that is ok with me, I do not smoke.

I placed it onto the shifter box where I wanted this cup holder to be. I marked it at the bottom edge of the shifter box and cut it. Now the edge lines up with the bottom edge of the shifter box.

Next I test fitted it again and marked three points. This is where I drilled holes into the cup holder and into the shfiter box molding. I did remove the shifter box molding before I drilled it. Then I placed in three short bolts with washers and secured the cup holder to the shifter box molding. I did not tighten it to much for I did not want the cup holder or molding to crack or break.

I gave it a test fit back into the Fiero and it works. However I did not like the open side of the cup holder that faces the passenger's side. So with some plastic I cut out a piece and glued it onto that side that showed. To keep the plastic from poping out I had to place in some rivets. Then just to fill in the edges so that they look clean I put in some door edge trim, I know it now looks like a license plate.

It looks much better now and you have a place for drinks and your phone, ect.

*No the passenger's legs do not bump or get in the way of the cup holder unit. There is enough room which is very good to keep the passenger comfortable. :)

This is what my finished cup holder looks like in my Fiero.

Fiero Cup Holder Mod