Dash & Gauge Window

Is it hard for you to clearly see your display and gauges? Is the display and gauge window dirty from age?
Do you need to replace the window that covers the dispaly and gauges on the dashboard, but you do not want to spend a lot of money for a used cover that costs too much? Same here. So I decided for around $5.00 and some paint to make a quick fix of the missing dashboard display and gauge window.

As you can see when I bought my Fiero the person who owned it before me painted the interior pieces red. I understand the choice for the red interior pieces since the outside of the car is red. When I am done with this car it will not be red but another color. So as I replace the dash window I will also be repainting the cover as it will be out of the car.
I removed the cover on the dashboard that covers the displays and gauges. *The picture shows the display plate under the dashboard cover. It is not removed from the car. I have a second one so I decided to just used it to show what the cover looks like removed from the dashboard.
I made a template out of paper so I can use it to make a new clear piece that will cover my displays and gauges on the dashboard. After I cut out my template, I traced it onto a piece of single strength plexy glass that I bought from a replacement glass shop near my home.
After I carefully cut out my new piece of plexy glass for my dashboard, I tested to make sure it would fit into the outer covering.

After I drilled out the hole for the trip odometer, I carefully test fitted to see if my replacement flat plexy glass display and gauge window would work. It does and I am happy with this progress so far.

There is no need to adhere the new plexy window to the covering. When placed into the car it is sandwiched and will not move about.

The next step I sanded down and washed the dashboard cover. As I mentioned the owner of the car before me painted the interior pieces red to match the car.

After thinking of what color to paint it, I decided I wanted to go back to something that was close to the original pewter type color that many Fiero’s had.

I decided to paint it with a graphite paint made for wheels and plastics. Why wheel paint? As I am also going to paint the other two interior pieces the same color and I wanted a paint that would last and stand up to everyday wear and tear. So I figured why not!?!

I removed the plastic wrap on the replacement plexy glass piece that I had already cut to fit. I carefully placed it into the backside of the dashboard cover. Then I carefully installed it back into my Fiero. *Almost looks like there is nothing there. I promise you the new plexy glass is in place.
I then placed the new plexy glass and newly painted dash cover back into my Fiero. I am happy.