Where the front hood opens up on the Fiero it was damaged due to the bolts holding the front bumper piece on. The bolts really tore up the front hood. So it had to be fixed.

This is what the front of my Fiero looked liked when I first purchased it as my project car. You can see the front hood is in rough shape.

I removed the front hood from the Fiero. I also removed the headlight doors. Then I started sanding the hood down. I had to get the decal residue that was on the hood off.

It took a lot of sanding but I got the decal residue off and started to fix the front edge of the hood.

You can see here that amount of damage the edge of the front hood is in.

I started by placing a piece of plastic into the damaged edge of the front hood to give it an inner support to work on.

Then I applied some fiberglass to build it up.

After that I added in some fiber glass filler and shaped the front edge of the hood.

This is the front hood after it has been worked on and repaired a bit. I used some filler primer and sanded it down to see what the hood is shaping up to look like.

After some more filling, sanding, ect. I became happy with how the front hood was looking.

I gave it a coat of primer and sanded it smooth. The front hood no longer looks damaged.

Now to put the hood to the side to work on the Fiero and get some body work done. Soon it will be ready for some paint.

I also painted the underside of the front hood, replaced the bumpers and put in a new foam latch coushin.

While the front hood is off of the Fiero, I removed the damaging bolts from the front bumper and replaced them with a washer and rivits. Now the front area has clearance and will not damage the front hood when it is open and closed.

I also left off the headlight doors. I am straying from my "keeping it stock" Fiero project and replacing the headlights with a set of flush mount projector headlights from Top Line Group Automotive.