Though I was striving to keep my Fiero as stock as I could I had decided a change had to be made to the headlights. I removed the stock flip-up lights and put in a pair of flush mount HID headlights from Top Line Group Automotive.

This is the kit that came in the mail.

As you can see it comes with a lot of parts and pieces. Unfortunately this is the only flush mount light kit available and it is not as good as it could be.

The boxes that hold the light unit neither one of them were bent square so I had to make the adjustments on that.

Also the instructions are not very well written and has many pictures of different parts that are not part of this kit.

After I made the adjustments to square off the housing boxes I painted them black and installed them to my Fiero.

I had already removed my stock lights.

This is a close up of the housing box installed on the driver's side.

The housing box is not completely closed off to the elemets. I wish it were a solid box instead of having the corners open.

Here I installed the HID lights. The covers and pieces for these ligh tsare not installed yet. I have to go adjust the lights so that they are were they need to be. Off to the school parking lot I go to adjust the lights.
This is what it looked like under the hood as I was installing the lighting kit. Everything is hook up and working. I just need to secure things and make it all look nice and tidy.
I had the car painted and they removed the lights and painted the inside of the housing the same color as the car.

I them finished installing everything for the lights inside the housing.

I had the top covers masked off when I brought the Fiero in for painting. They painted them for me so that the top covers will look nice and match the paint job.

I am happy with the HID headlight for the Fiero.