Fiero Interior Plates

I do not want red...
I am going to repaint my interior pieces.

As you can see when I bought my Fiero the person who owned it before me painted the interior pieces red. I understand the choice for the red interior pieces since the outside of the car is red (and silver).

When I am done with this car it will not be red but another color. So I am going to take them out and repaint them. (Display & Gauge cover removed)

I removed the three main panels / plates of the interior. I sanded them down, washed them and made sure they were ready for primer and then painting.

After thinking of what color to paint the panels, I decided I wanted to go back to something that was close to the original pewter type color that many Fiero’s had. So I decided to paint it with a graphite paint made for wheels and plastics. Why wheel paint? I wanted a paint that would last and stand up to everyday wear and tear. So I figured why not!?!

The painted I picked worked very well and I really like the color.

For the center cover plate I fixed the ash tray doors, sanded and painted the ash trays silver and placed on a new boots for the shifter. I also scrubbed the shifter knob since it was messy with years of handleing. Now it is all clean and smooth, almost new. I also got a shift pattern sticker from Rodney Dickman's Automotive Accessories.

Interior Fiero

Here is my completed repainted interior pieces. I think it looks nice. (Radio faceplate not attached)