Fiero Progress

Here I am going to try to keep a journal of what I have been doing with my Fiero project.

October 8, 2013

I picked up my Fiero from Cooper's. The paint color I asked for is on the car and it looks fantastic. I am very happy with the work from Cooper's. I would highly recommend them for any painting or car repair needs.

Now to start putting the car back together; HID lights, emblems, ect. When I am finished putting the car together I will take some pictures and post them.

September 23, 2013

I dropped off my Fiero at Cooper's to have my Fiero painted. I chose to have the Fiero painted Graphite Grey, a departure from one of the the standard stock colors of the Fiero.

September 14, 2013

After working on the flush mount headlight kit I finally got them installed onto my Fiero. It was a very complicated task installing this kit. Unfortunatley this is the only kit available for the Fiero so I had to make due with it.

I have an appointment with Cooper's to have my Fiero painted. I cannot wait to have the Fiero painted and then do some finishing touches. I think I am going to replace the stock Fiero rims with a set of black rims.

September 3, 2013

Got my new flush mount healdlight kit. There are a few problems with it, the boxes that hold everything are not bent square so I have to square them off. It is a very complicated kit and you need an degree just to put it all together. The instructions show parts and pieces not included with the kit. I hope I can get it all working and installed onto my Fiero.

August 22, 2013

Decided that my Fiero needs a place to hold my drink. So I made a modification and put in a cup holder.

Got a message about my flush mount headlight kit. It is about finished and ready to ship. So I hope to receive it in the next 7-10 days.

August 19, 2013

Been doing what little still had to be done to the Fiero. I do believe it is pretty much finished. The Fiero is running, no leaks, no noises, ect. It has pretty much been rebuilt and seems to be running fine.

I am still waiting on the flush mount headlight kit to come in the mail. When those come in and I get them installed I can go have the Fiero painted.

This project is starting to come to a end. I am getting very excited.

August 1, 2013

The high idle of the engine has been bugging me. So we corrected the timing and while we were working on it found out the switch was acting funny so it was replaced. The Fiero idels much more normal now.

I have been going over the car fixing little things that I have been stumbling upon. With each little fix or reapair the Fiero is getting closer and closer to being finished. The progress on this project has been moving along nicely despite the mishaps along the way.

July 24, 2013

While I am waiting for my headlight kit to come in the mail I finished up the inside of the Fiero. I put in all new lightbulbs in the dash. Then I fixed the corners of the dash where they are all smashed using a cover kit and installed a console tray.

July 11, 2013

Been working hard on the exterior of the Fiero. I started sanding and filling in the messed up areas on the Fiero. The fiber glass work was a bit of a pain but it has to be done to make the exterior of the Fiero look decent for a 29-year of car.

I removed the front hood and rebuilt the front edge with plastic and fiber glass where it was damaged. It looks nice and smooth now and worthy of being on the Fiero.

While the front hood is off I have decided to do a headlight modification. I orginally stated that I wanted to keep this Fiero as stock as possible. That is not going to happen I am going to be installing a set of the flush mount projector headlights from Top Line Group Automotive. That means removing the stock flip-lights which I can live without. I was told by Top Line that it will be a few weeks until my headlight kit ships. So while I wait, I will work on other areas of the Fiero.

Work continues on this Fiero. I hope in a few months time it will be ready to hit the road and a paint job.

June 30, 2013

This weekend I attended the 30th Anniversary Fiero show. It was neat to see so many Fieros that were taken care of, modified and just to be shown off for the love of the Fiero. I learned a few things from talking to people about working on my Fiero. Overall I had a great time and met a lot of nice people who also like the Fiero.

You can view my pictures I took at the show on my photobucket page.

June 25, 2013

Today I finished cleaning and repainting the two rear decklid vents. Think I am going to take a few days off from working on the Fiero. I do need to clean the interior of the Fiero up a bit, this coming weekend (June 27-30) I am going to attend the 30th Anniversary Fiero show here in Indianapolis, IN.

June 24, 2013

Today I painted my air filter housing black. While I was doing that I decided to paint the underside of the decklid along with some of the area in and around the engine bay and sides. It is looking pretty clean.

I think I am going to sand down and work on the rear decklid vents nexts.

June 23, 2013

I spent most of my Sunday morning cleaning the rims on the Fiero. After 29-years of road grime and use they really needed a good cleaning. It is a vast improvement to what they looked like.

June 21, 2013

Took the Fiero back over to Tom Bandy's for the new exhaust system and to have the new emergency brake system put in. Had a small issue before the work started, the "brake" light would stay on, I thought is was due to the malfunctioning emergency brake. Found out that there is a little sensor in the Brake Porportioning Valve sticking so it has to be replaced. Other than that Tom Bandy's checked everything on the brake system, I just need to replace that Brake Porportioning Valve and everything will be awesome!

The new catalytic converter and exhaust system is in and the car sounds like it is running smoothly. I do believe (unless something else unexpected comes up) that the major mechanical work on this Fiero might be done (keeping fingers crossed). Just have a few sensors, bits and pieces that are minor to be worked on or replaced and a few other things. Progress is coming along very nicely.

June 11, 2013

The other day I took my Fiero to Auto Glass Connection 5935 Kopetsky Dr. Suite K, Indianapolis, IN. 46217 317-784-4440 to have them install a new windshield onto the Fiero. I just had to replace the current windshield that was in there due to the misspelling of PONTAIC that was etched onto it. They ordered me a brand new windshield and today I picked up the Fiero. It looks much better with a new plain windshield.

June 5, 2013

Today I took the quarter windows off of the Fiero to replace them with a set that was in much better condition. Of course I had to clean up the replacement set as best I could but at least this set of quarter windows are not cracked or melted. The new quarter windows really make the Fiero look much better. I am happy with the progress I am making with the vehicle.

May 31, 2013

I finally found a replacement kit for the door window seals! The ones that are on the Fiero are original and are all dry rotted, cracked and just need to be replaced.

It took me several hours to take the doors apart, remove the old seals, put in the new seals that required a little modification and then to put the doors back together. Now at least when it rains water will not go into the doors. The new window door seals are a vast improvement to the Fiero. Slowly it is getting restored.

Door Window Seals

May 23, 2013

RANT TIME! After I had picked up my Fiero after it had the “crate” engine put in and there have been some issues. The shifter problem is what started it all off. I asked some questions to the people at Tire Service Plus who has been doing all of the engine and Transmission work. I originally went to them for the engine work since they were recommended. Oh boy was that a mistake. As I was asking questions about various problems they basically answered me with something like, “As you run the vehicle the problems will work themselves out. No need to worry about it.” To me that was not an acceptable answer, I just did not feel right about the whole thing.

I had my Fiero towed to Edward’s Transmissions 494 North US31Greenwood, IN 46142 (317) 888-1166. Not even a full afternoon Edward’s Transmissions called me up to let me know about a plethora of problems:
- nuts and bolts not tightened down.
- a sensor put in backwards.
- one wire was not plugged in all the way.
- new wires were scuffed and showing the raw wire on the inside causing an arc.
- many of the bolts and or screws that hold down some of the trim pieces on the shifter console were not put back in.
- Oil leak due to the missing gasket. Instead the oil pan was put on and covered with clear household silicone caulk made for windows.
- Antifreeze leak due to the bolts on the waterpump not being tightened down.

The work done by Tire Service Plus was not done fully but half assed, very unprofessional. But here is a major kick in the face by the work done by Tire Service Plus. As Edward’s Transmissions was checking out the Fiero for me one mechanic opened up and looked to see how the condition of the clutch was since the car did not want to shift smoothly. Now remember Tire Service Plus fixed and replaced parts in my transmission. Parts inside the clutch had to be replaced again for they were not right and the wrong pressure plate was put in. The rod that pushes and pulls the pressure plate was not there. Instead in its place was a long bolt with the head cut off and put in there to mimic the job of that missing rod. Also the fork on the clutch was worn and not properly working so it was also replaced.

After Edward’s Transmissions told me about all of these problems one of the mechanics there said that whoever did the previous work on the engine was not qualified to do such work and they are no more than a backyard mechanic who knows nothing about this type of work.  It also pisses me off a bunch that Tire Service Plus left the interior of the car dirtied up with grease and oil spots on the carpet, new floor matts, seats and all over the steering wheel. No protection coverage was used.

In a 24-hours period of time Edward’s Transmissions check out and fixed my car. It did not take them 3-weeks like Tire Service Plus took to do the half assed work that was done wrong.

So I am going to state that I wish I had never had gone to Tire Service Plus for my Fiero engine needs. Even though they were recommended, they are in my opinion and from my experiences with them that the mechanics at Tire Service Plus are highly inexperienced and are not to be trusted. I would not even buy a set of tires off of them for who I was treated by them.

May 21, 2013

Picked up my Fiero today. The engine is running fairly good. When driving it I noticed that it is hard to find the gears when shifting and it grinds. So now I have to mess with it and find out what is going on with that. Then I can go back and get the emergency brake put in, exhaust system put on and get that windshield replaced and put in the new quarter panel windows. Then I am hoping all the major mechanical work will be completed on my Fiero.

It just seems it is one problem after another but I knew this would happen since it is an older car that I am putting back together one step and piece at a time.

Crate Engine 1984 Fiero

May 15, 2013

Jerry at Tire Service Plus called and said the new crate engine has been put into my Fiero. When all was assembled and tested there was another small problem. The Thermostat Housing was leaking. It would not go completely flush, my guess is that the engine(s) before it might have heated it up or warped it slightly or maybe it was so old it just cracked. So I looked around and got a new thermostat housing, new gasket and new cap. Once it is put into the Fiero all the major and hard engine work will be done. I still have to go back to Tom Bandy's and have him put in the Emergency Brake System and new Exhaust System.

One thing that bothers me about Tire Service Plus is that when some part(s) are needed they are always asking me to go get it. I do not understand why they cannot get the part(s) needed, they are a functional car service shop. Why ask your customer to get the parts needed?

April 5, 2013

Today I picked up my Fiero from Tom Bandy’s. Had to put a halt to replacing the exhaust system and installing a new emergency break system. Why!?! There was a puddle under the Fiero. When looked at, it was oil mixed with water. Took a look at the engine and the air filter housing was full of water and oil. Pulled the dip stick and it was overfilled with water and oil. The engine went bad or something so I had to take the Fiero back to Tire Service Plus where I had the engine put in and now it is a waiting game for a few days until they can get back with me to see where we go from here. I am hoping the warranty covers everyting that is to come with this engine problem. As soon as the engine is fixed or replaced I can take it back to Tom Bandy’s for the exhaust system and emergency break.

April 2, 2013

This is what was done (so far): new upper ball joints, new lower ball joints, new upper control arm bushing kit, new inner tie rod ends, new outer tie rod ends, replaced front brake hose, wheel alignment, caster adjustment, and a few other little things. The good news is the front end is sound.

Found out from Tom that the catalytic converter was cut off and the exhaust pipes welded. That would be the reason the Fiero sounds loud. Later I am having him put on a new exhaust system with the catalytic converter that is required by law in Indiana. Also while he is working on the Fiero he is going to replace the entire emergency break system. But again this is going to come later in a few weeks.

March 29, 2013

The Fiero pulls to one side when driving so I decided to take it in to Tom at Tom Bandy’s 6771 W Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46241 for an alignment. Found out that I could not get it aligned today. The front Tie Rods, Arms, Bushings, ect is all messed up and ready to fall apart. I left the Fiero to be worked on to get the frontend rebuilt. It will be a week or two until it gets finished. Tom said he would let me know how bad the front end is. I told him just get it fixed.

March 20, 2013

Been looking at the Fiero and trying to decide on what and how to progress this restoration project. I have been making my lists and doing my homework. I have now made several trips to a few local junkyards that have Fieros. I have been gathering bits and pieces that I need or going to need or just replace. Trying to think ahead while slowly working on this project.

March 12, 2013

Took the Fiero to a local Chevy dealer to ask them about a recall 86-C-16 that was issued a long time ago.

Potential Number of Units Affected:

They took a look at it and said they would have to check it out. They came back and said that my FIERO’s VIN# has not had this recall operation performed and even know most recalls are for life of the vehicle (or 100,000 or ten years) this recall has been terminated. Which is fine by me, I just wanted to check it out and if it was still a valid recall, if so I would have had them do the work.


March 10, 2013

My Fiero (1984) has a different rear decklid on it from another Fiero (1985) and nothing to hold it up in place to keep it from slamming shut on you.

I ordered a set of the rear decklid replacement struts from Rodney Dickman's Automotive Accessories. I installed them and I am very happy with how they keep my read decklid up.

*Installed struts highlited in yellow.

Decklid Struts

March 8, 2013

The job of pulling the engine and more was going to be too much for me to accomplish on my own I took the Fiero to Tire Service Plus 6313 West Washington St. Indianapolis, IN. 46241. The owner Jerry Jones is a top-notch guy who does really great work. I had him do all the work for the Fiero.

For an amazing price he did the following: replaced 2.5 Fiero engine, distributor cap, ignition rotor, fuel filter, pcv valves, delco spark plugs, ignition wire set, upper radiator hose, starter assembly, water pump housing, rear main seal, thermostat, water pump assembly, coolant temperature sensor, motor oil, oil filter, anti-freeze, idle air control motor, throttle body gasket, speedometer module, washer fluid motor pump, right rear axle assembly and a few other little things. All of this plus labor costs were at or under what I expected.

As Jerry worked on the car he found little things here and there that needed fixed. So he would call me up and say “Hey this or that…” and I would tell him to fix it. A big surprise on the old engine was it had a hole in it right behind where the water pump is.  He said he was surprised that oil did not go everywhere.

Otherwise the Fiero is up and running so I can at least drive it.

Great work Jerry!

February 28, 2013

The front passanger tire has gone flat. I took a look at it and the bead is ruined. I am going to just get four new tires eventually. For now I got the tire fixed and it is fine.

I did some research on pulling the engine myself. It is just to complicapted of a job for me to do on my own. I have decided to let a local shop do all the work on the engine, transaxle / clutch, ect. The guy knows about Fieros and seems really knowledgeable.

For the interior I still need to fix the broken bottoms on the air vents where people have smashed them with their knees. That should not be much of a chore, I have an idea to fix them.

February 22, 2013

I have been busy working on the interior of the Fiero. The person who owned it before me did some interior work but did not finish. I finished putting on the speaker covers, reinstalled the cigarette lighter, cleaned up and fixed some things, ect.

Some of the more major work I did was to put in new glass for the dash display and gauges. I also took out the interior panels and repainted them (dash, shifter/ash tray and climate/radio controls). On the center shift platform I also fixed the doors to the ash trays and put on a new shift boot. The interior of the car is starting to look good.

*While I had the center shifter/ash tray cover plate off I had a surprise! In the guts of the shifter I found tissues, a roll of rolaids, some candy and a penny all within the compartment. I took it all out and the shifter now moves easier without the trash jamming up the internal workings.

February 16, 2013

While driving the Fiero to my home I was happy. I drove close to eighty miles (each way) to go pick it up but on my way home (about half way from home) I heard a loud knock and a rod was thrown. I had to pull over on the interstate and call AAA to have the vehicle towed to my home. It was dark when I got home so it would have to wait until morning until I could look at it and assess the damage.

The next morning I checked out the damage. Just as I thought, a rod was thrown. I was very frustrated, I knew I was going to have to clean up and fix the engine since it is twenty nine years old but I was not counting on replacing the entire engine.

Thinking about the Fiero project now turning into a much more complicated and costly project than I anticipated, I decided while the engine is pulled out it would be a good time to also get the transmission checked out, clutch checked, and other sections of the car while it was going to be pulled apart.