Fiero Quarter Window Units

Call them Quarter Windows, Sail Panel / Windows, Side Sills, whatever; these pieces on many-used project Fieros are junk. On my Fiero the drivers’ side quarter window frame has been heated or something and it looks like it got soft and melted. When I got the project Fiero I was given a set of replacement quarter windows and with a little work they will look good on my Fiero. Here we go...

This is what my two replacement quarter window units look like. As you can see the Pontiac Emblems are missing. I do have replacement emblems but since there is weather damage to these quarter window units I am going to sand them down, remove the indentation for the emblems and fill it in smooth.

I sanded down the quarter window units. It took some effort but the emblem frames are sanded down. There is a small gap I must fill in and sand to make them smooth.

After I filled in the gaps and such on these quarter window units I let them dry overnight and the next day I sanded them down so they were smooth.

*I repeated this step two more times.

To make sure these quarter window units were going to look the way I wanted I went ahead and gave them a quick coat of primer. As you can see the wet primer drying, it looks like the filled in areas where the Pontiac emblems were is nice and smooth.

*Now I am going to give both quarter window units a good sanding and make sure they are the way I want before getting paint.

They quarter window units are as smooth as I am going to be able to get them. So far I am happy with how they are turning out. Here they are all primed up, sanded, washed and after another inspection I painted them with three coats of black car paint.

*I had removed the weather strips before I started working on the quarter side units.

After the quarter window units were dry after being painted, on the backside I replaced the rubber weather strip with a new one.

Fiero Quarter Window Fiero Quarter Window

The Quarter Windows are installed onto the Fiero. It took some effort but well worth it.

Fiero Quarter Window Fiero Quarter Window

After I get the Fiero painted I am going to place these Fiero emblems I got onto the lower section of the painted part of the quarter window to replace the Pontiac emblems I got rid of.