Read Decklikd Vents

The read decklid vents are old and worn with some weather damage. So I decided to remove them, clean them up and repaint them so they look nice.

After I removed the read decklid vents I started to sand them down to make them smooth again.

This is a compairson pict of an untouhced decklid vent and one that has been sanded down to the metal.

They are now both sanded down. I washed them really good to get any residue and crud off of them.

One decklid vent sanded down to the bare metal while one did not. I am not worried after priming they will both be decently smooth and ready to paint.

I removed the weather strip on the back of each decklid vent. I will replace it with brand new rubber after the decklid vents have been painted.

The decklid vents have been primed.

Lets get some paint onto them.

Here are the rear decklids after three coats of black Dupicolor automotive paint.
After the paint was dry I placed back on new rubber strips on each decklid vent. They look pretty snazzy.
Rear Decklid Vents

These are the read decklid vents all cleaned up and painted. Another step closer to refurbishing the Fiero.