1984 Fiero Rims

The factory rims on my Fiero are dirty from the past 29 years of weather, road and grime.
Lets see if I can clean them up to be more presentable.

This is how all four of my factory Fiero rims look on my 1984 Fiero. As you can see they are a bit dirty and need a good clean scrubbing.

Two of the wheels need new center caps put on. I got a package of four to use when I am finsihed with this clean up job,

I took off the wheels and I wash, scrubbed, wash, scrubbed and rinsed the rims several times just to try to get them clean.

This is how the rims looked after about 30-45 minutes each of scrubbing and cleaning them the best I could.


I know the rims will not look or be factory new but it is a vast improvement of what they were looking like.

So I put them back on the Fiero.

Not perfect but much of an improvement!

Cleaned Fiero Rims

Here is a compairison look of the rims on the Fireo before and after cleaning.