You can find lots of information on the Internet about what a furry is. Defining a single person as a "furry" will change with each person you meet. There are many different levels of being a furry. People that judge all furries the same are unjust for they only know how the media has portrayed the furry fandom.

I have several fursona's:

Binks Wolf


a shy lone wolf who loves to watch people and hang out with a few select friends. He likes to wear a bandana or scarf around his neck for he thinks it is stylish. BINKS does not like the dark and would rather be out during the day. 

BINKS likes to keep his paws within the box but does stray from playing it safe from time to time. He has a red ball that he likes to play. Binks loves steak (fox, otter and even bovine). BINKS loves to be there for his friends.

BINKS WOLF has a FurAffinity Page that he shares with all my other fursona's.


KRUTCH - Retired from suiting in March 2014. Still may show up now and then.

a green panther who loves to pounce and play all night long. KRUTCH is outgoing and like to have fun while meeting people (especially if drinks are involved). He hangs out with his friends who tend to keep him out of trouble. Krutch wears an orange harness and collar and sometimes needs to be kept under control. If you see him on a leash it is because he has been out of control.

Krutch is a bit frisky and loves shinny things. If you can get KRUTCH to settle down he may fall asleep in your lap. His favorite drink is a Midori Sour.



IKE is the mate of MIKE HUSKY. Rarely seen without Mike Husky, IKE HUSKY is the more bouncy and aloof of the two who loves to take pictures with others and hand out candy. The more generous and nicer of the two huskies IKE Husky loves to play, pull sleds and just have a good time.

IKE HUSKY says "curls are awesome!"

To learn more about MIKE & IKE HUSKY check out their FurAffinity Page.


De'Ville (aka Wonton)

Azarath... Metrion... ZINTHOS! a purple and black inter-dimensional demon sabertooth with an asian cattitude. May or maynot be the illegitimate child of Damien (aka Chopsticks).

De'Ville while trying to be good does misbehave at times and fears that one day his inner demon will take control and he will destroy the furry world.


Frosty Plush

FROSTY JACK (Plush Suit)

FROSTY JACK is my "plush suit" a fursuit that is really padded and basically you are like a plush/stuffed animal. You have movement and that is about it. You cannot pick up anything with the padded hand paws, you can basically hug and snuggle so you are the mercy of others (especially if you are locked in).

a blue Jack Russell who is a snuggler. He has anxiety issues of being left behind or even worse his fear of being alone forever. He takes every oppurtunity he can to be around others to hug and snuggle. He likes to play fetch and lay in the laps of others.