As many know I am a fanatic of Harry Potter. The wands have captivated me ever since seeing Harry Potter on the big screen. I originally purchased some of the Noble Collection wands and became obsessed. After looking at the wands I had purchased, I figured I could make some of my own wands. I ended up making more character wands than what the Noble Collection has to offer.  Out of the Noble Collection I have purchased a total of thirty of their wands for the complexity of making them myself was not feasible.

Eleven of the wands in my collection I purchased as resin kits and worked my magic on them to make them what they are in my wand collection. The rest of the wands in my collection are completely scratch made by my hands.

Many of the character wands I created are what I think that witch or wizard would use. Others I used actual reference for the wands when I could. I know some Harry Potter fans may not agree with what I have created for wands but I am not here to please them, this is my wand collection and I am very proud of what I have created. I tried my best to replicate those wands that had reference or descriptions to the best of my ability.

This is what my Harry Potter Collection looks like on my wall. Now shown or displayed yet is the Marauder's Map that I need to frame, The wands I am working on from "The Cursed Child" and more.
This is my "Sorcerer's Stone" shadow box and my "Chamber of Secrets" shadow box. Here is my "Goblet of Fire" shadow box, Lucious Malfoy Wand and Ron's Howler from his mother.

My Death Eater wands.

As you can see I have a lot of wands.
To view the wands I have created please -CLICK HERE- to go to my photobucket to view them.
Yes I am excited for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.