Leggings and men

When you see a guy wearing tight jeans or pants it is ok. But when you see a guy wearing compression pants or what many now call leggings everyone seems to say that that person is gay and it is frowned upon by most of society.

Well guys forget about what society thinks, it is ok to wear (dare I say it?) leggings and here is my opinion about the issue.

There has been a rising and falling trend among guys wearing compression pants or what has socially become known as leggings as regular wear. Just know that leggings are not just for women and seeing guys wearing them is very acceptable.  There are some guys who see other guys wearing leggings or tight fitting pants that have this preconceived notion that the other guy must be gay for wearing them and that sterotypical is thinking far from the truth.

Just take a look at many sports; just see how many athletes are wearing compression pants aka leggings. The guy working out next to you at the gym, he is wearing leggings as well. So you need to take your preconceived notions and have an open mind guys can and do wear leggings not just for active play or at the gym but for regular everyday street wear as well. With that said I would speak my opinion of guys wearing leggings.

Ladies have figured it out long ago and they know it. So what is their secret that they have been hiding from guys for so long? I will tell you. Not only does wearing leggings show off your assets, yes guys most of us wear shorts over our leggings to cover up our bulging manhood and that is fine. Wearing a pair of leggings is very comfortable, they have great airflow (sometimes a good thing) and the range of motion is ridiculous generous.

Many guys are embarrassed who want to wear leggings as everyday wear but generally they are subconscious or afraid of what their buddy will say or what society might think of them. In reality no one is telling you how you have to dress, except for the media, closed-minded people, judgmental people who are afraid of any change from the norm and perhaps everyone with a pair of eyes judging you publically. It is a scary thing to stand out and not dress like every other clone-minded person. Ok sorry, I might have just scared you. Please continue reading.

Now do not get me wrong, you do not have to go to the woman’s department of a store to buy leggings, no they actually sell them in the men’s department as well in every sporting goods store. If you know your size and might feel to bashful to buy a pair or two in the store you can always buy them online where the digital world will show you many more styles and colors to choose from. This is a good thing if you are open to wearing leggings the choices are endless.

As you start to wear your leggings or if you have not heard by now the trend of men wearing leggings is also called meggings. There is even a store called meggings that caters to men who want to wear leggings um meggings. Whichever term you decide to use it is all good.

Wearing leggings you have a whole new wardrobe. You can wear them with a t-shirt or sweat shirt, you can wear them with a pair of shorts over them or not (it does help to hide any unwarranted bulgy surprises). Wear them with a jacket or baggy top like a hoodie. As for footwear while wearing leggings, just about anything you want to wear is fair game. The options are pretty much endless to how you want to wear your leggings. One thing that you will learn that leggings come in all sorts of materials from; basic to heavy lycra, various knits and neoprene to moisture wicking and temperature specific materials all in various thicknesses. There is always a material option for leggings. Have fun be creative; help the world know it is great to wear leggings.

Ok, so do I wear leggings? Yes I do on occasion. I use to mainly wear leggings with a pair of athletic shorts over them. I like to be modest and not show off anything that might accidently bulge out unexpectedly. But I have said no to the shorts when I wear a hoodie with my leggings. I just put my wallet and stuff in my hoodie pocket. I have worn leggings in public several times. I have not yet had anyone comment or say anything derogatory to me for wearing leggings. I have on a few occasions worn the thicker cold-weather material leggings with a sweatshirt or hoodie without a pair of shorts over them and have gotten some looks but nothing bad. I could say they are thick enough and my man parts are covered enough by the hoodie or sweatshirt that it looks like I am just wearing a pair of joggers. You know the tighter fitting pants usually made out of sweat suit type material? But still they will show your form.

I will say when I first started to openly wear leggings I started off with solid black, then I slowly moved on to the athletic pattern ones and then progressed to more fancy and crazy pattern designs. Leggings of many styles are sold at most sporting goods stores and in the active wear department for men at most major department stores. After slowly getting more and more bold with my choices of leggings I have now come to wearing whatever color or pattern I want. For holidays I like to wear something festive. An example would be a pair of jack-o-lantern pattern leggings or ghost pattern leggings for Halloween or green colored leggings with leprechauns and pots of gold on them for St. Patrick’s Day. You get the idea, leggings are fun.

In all honesty at first I was scared to wear leggings in public but as I wore them more and more often and not having any ridicule for wearing them or some idiot yelling at me saying leggings are for girls or the “F” word for the derogatory meaning for gay and not referring to a pack of cigarettes. I have learned that society does not care what you or I wear. Yes I might get a few side looks from time to time but truthfully nobody seems to really care what you wear unless it is truly something offensive. The only people who complain about men wearing leggins are those who are not comfortable enough with themselves to wear leggins for themselves.

One thing about wearing leggings that I find as a "must" is if you have a pair of leggings that have that mesh material on the crotch that is not part of the leggings design, you should or I say "must" wear shorts with that type of legging. Seeing a nice pair of leggings and all of a sudden that mesh crotch is just not appropriate by itself. So please do cover up with shorts.

I have learned a few things while wearing leggings openly in public. When wearing leggings the main reason most guys wear shorts over them is not to just only cover up their bulging assets, but most shorts have pockets so you can carry your wallet, cell phone and car keys. Secondly it is freeing and as a society we have to let the world know that leggings are not just for woman but are for everybody. We need to stop placing labels and assigning gender to things. We are all human no matter if you are a boy, girl or another of the genders. I say feel free to wear what you want. Make a statement, be bold have fun and most of all be comfortable. Heck guys have been wearing leggings since the olden days of past.

Leggings not just for women confident men wear them too.