LEGO is the Danish company founded on the 10th of August 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. Based in Billund, Denmark is best known for the manufacture of Lego-brand toys, consisting mostly of interlocking plastic bricks that have kept both kids and adults imaginations going. The Lego Group has also built several amusement parks around the world, each known as LEGOLAND, and operates several retail stores.

What? There are "fake" LEGO toys out there?

In today’s society LEGO has grown and many of us who grew up with LEGO still build LEGO today. Some are even hard-core collectors and LEGO purists, that lead me to question, “are you accepting of the fake LEGO toys such as the minifigures that LEGO has not produced?


I only collect DC Super Hero, mainly BATMAN related LEGO items. As my collection has grown there are characters that I have wished LEGO would make but have not or will never make. So with extra LEGO parts I have I created some of my own versions of characters that I have always wanted. It is LEGO so imagination can run wild.


As I started looking for LEGO sets that I did not have I accidently stumbled upon several “fake” LEGO type minifigures, mainly from China. I was intrigued and started looking at them to learn what I have seen. There were characters that I wanted in my LEGO collection and I decided to buy a few. At first I will admit I thought they were the real things, they looked, felt and work just like real LEGO. The details were amazing. I was happy with what I bought and knowing that they were not the real LEGO but “fakes” I really did not care. I had characters that LEGO has not made. It made my LEGO collection feel more alive having these characters in it.


Some LEGO purists will tell you that these “fake” toys are an abomination to LEGO. They will say that nobody should buy these since they are unlicensed knockoffs. Yes I can see their point but at the same time they are being sold online and in catalogs. If LEGO did not want them to make them they would go after these companies and get a cease and desist order but I am not sure if they can because they are based in China where many copyright laws may not exist.

The reason that I can tell why these “fake” LEGO toys have come about is due to LEGO making super hard one-time, limited edition toys and minifigures that many could not acquire unless they pay super ridiculous inflated prices put onto these toys by greedy scalpers.


It has come to a point where many of these “fake” LEGO toys are so well produced that many professionals and LEGO purists are having extreme difficulty in picking out a fake from the real thing. Yes there are some really bad ones that are being made, I would say just stay away from them just because of how bad they are. But overall the minifigures being produced are top notch.

One thing I like to do with the “fake” LEGO minifigures is buy extra of the ones that go into vehicles that way I can keep the real LEGO minifigure on display or whatnot. I do not care if the minifigure in my Batmobile is a “fake” one, it still looks good sitting in there at the controls. Plus I am not paying a high cost just to have a real one sit in my LEGO vehicle.

With that said, if you are a LEGO purist and are against the “fake” LEGO toys or you are just a casual LEGO fan who does not really care but are just happy with what you can get even if you get the “fake” LEGO toys into your collection I say just have fun. It gives people another opportunity to get a LEGO toy into their collection even if it is not the real thing, some are just happy to have it. Mainly I am a fan of the variety of minifigures that are available that LEGO has not produced.