The Zootopia Police Department, also known as ZPD, is a police station from the 2016 Disney animated film Zootopia. Run by heavy-weight mammals, such as rhinos, elephants, hippos, predators such as wolves, jaguars, warthogs, tigers, bears and lions, farm animals such as sheep, cows, pigs, horses and goats until it changed when Judy Hopps became the first rabbit on the police force.

Recruits for the station come directly from Zootopia Police Academy after they graduate. Each officer is trained to handle the weather conditions of each district.

This version is one that is not 100% accurate from the movie. That is fine with me since I am going to be using this with one of my furry suits, BINKS Wolf. He will dress up as a ZPD Officer.

For this badge that I want to use to dress up my furry character BINKS Wolf as a ZPD Police Officer I chose to use the badge that comes with Judy's Carrory Recorder.

Like I said it is not 100% accurate but for my purposes it will be fine to use. I just wanted a badge to hang around BINKS Wolf's neck when he is a ZPD Officer.

Here is the badge out of the box. I removed the two screws and clip and washed the badge to remove any residue from manufacturing. I then wiped it down really good with rubbing alcohol.

I then painted the front of the badge with a shinny gold plate spray paint.

This is already an improvement over the metallic orange/yellow color that the badge comes in.

After the gold was dry, I very carefully painted all the areas that needed to be blue with a toothpick. It took some time but in the end, well worth it.

As the badge was drying I went ahead and made a faux leather badge holder.

Here is the painted ZPD Badge attached to the Badge Holder that I made. I left some room at the top in case later I want to add a name plate or some other police type decorations.

Well now that this is completed enjoy BINKS Wolf dressed up as a ZPD Officer.

I decided I wanted a name badge. So I am using my furry character BINKS Wolf to dress up and be a ZPD Officer, just like the wolves on the ZPD.

I made a plastic name plates and painted it the same color as the badge. Then with my Cricut I made the letters and placed them on the name plate.

After I attached the BINKS name plate to the badge holder I am now complete with my ZPD Badge. For my purposes of dressing up as a ZPD Officer at events and cons is now complete.

*While making the badge I did make a stencil to make my own ZPD t-shirt for BINKS Wolf to wear.

Due to lighting conditions colors may not appear as they actually are in real life.
Here is BINKS Wolf as a ZPD Officer.