My acting wants:

I was asked what type of acting would I like to be part of. When I asked what do you mean? I was told just list the things that you would like to do as an actor. So I came up with my list that can always change. These are in no particular order except for #1.

*My original #1 has been taken off the list. In 2007 my hopes of being in a Batman film has come to pass. So lets mark one off with many more to go.

*I would love to land a television series. I want to be one of the main characters or even just a reoccuring role several times a season.

#1- first and foremost on my list is I have always wanted to play an alien type creature for a film project. I want it to be a full body suit so you could not tell it is I inside the creature suit. This could be from a body casted latex suit up to a creature suit that is very large and I on the inside. I have always liked the creatures from film.

#2- I am a big Jim Henson fan. I loved what he brought us from The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labrynth, and many more. In my youth I had many puppets and I would love to be in a movie with puppets.

#3- a pirate type movie, such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” an action adventure type pirate movie like “Cut Throat Island”.

#4- a Renaissance / Victorian era type film project. I have always liked that period and the outfits of those times were just astounding. I think a role in a film like this would be splendid. Of course it would be middle to the upper class person I would want to play.

#5- a film project that would take place in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians are something that has always caught my attention. Some sort of project based in this era would be astounding. An Anubis creature suit would be awesome!

#6- a space movie with space ships, tight fitting spandex clothing, you know that 1950’s version of space and the future. Just let me loose a few more pounds.

#7- though I cannot pull off wearing a cowboy hat, I would like to be in a western. Something like “Tombstone”.

#8- I have always wanted to play a doctor / surgeon. Though in real life I do not like to look at the open human body, for a film project I think it would be an experience.

#9- a drama that you are mad at a character but at the end of the story you just want to cry your heart out for him. I want to play a person who you think is bad throughout the story but at the end it is he who saves the day and all that has been going on was for a reason.

#10- I love the water and marine life, so a marine film project that would involve interaction in water with Whales and Dolphins or even the overdone shark movie.

#11- a serious role where the character hardly speaks but you get everything that is going on by his actions.

I have already played a serial killer in a project now halted from Creature Productions titled “KIN”. I am not a violent person in real life. Some of the things I have to do in this independent film project really have taken its toll on me. It may just be acting but, WOW! How could people do this kind of stuff in real life?

That is about all that I can think of right now. But if any Hollywood project, Television project, or other professional type project came my way I would take it.
All that I need is about 24-hours notice and I can drive up to Chicago, over to Ohio, down to Kentucky and more. Just give me ample time and I will be there.