Garindan - Star Wars A New Hope

RETIRED - This is no longer in my collection.

Garindan (Long Snoot) an informant shadowed Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as they made their way from the Mos Eisley Cantina to Docking Bay 94. The dark cloaked snitch used his comlink to call the Imperial authorities, and directed a squad of desert Stormtroopers to the fugitives.

When I decided to make Garindan I first started off by making the mask. I made the snoot frame out of coat hanger wire.
Then I created the opening of the snoot. The cardboard will give the illusion of the snoot being solid all the way to the back.
Then I wrapped the snoot frame in Plaster Bandage to give the snoot form.
After a few layers of Plaster Bandage I reinforced the opening of the snoot.
After the snoot had formed I sealed the entire form with a brush-on primer. Then I drilled some holes for the snoot. Since the plaster is in bandage form I got little strings after I drilled the holes. I burned off the little strings with a lighter.

In the holes I then glued in little rubber O-rings to give the snoot a proper look.
Here is the snoot after priming. You can see that I drilled little holes all around the back end of the snoot so that I can later sew it to the hood.
Here is the snoot all painted and finished. Now to sew it onto the hood.

I used a combination of black, silver, and pewter spray paints.

While waiting for the paint to dry I sewed a hood for the Garindan Mask. Then I marked up the hood so I would know where to sew the snoot onto the hood.
Here is the snoot sewed onto the hood for the Garindan Mask.

I measured out where someone's eyes would be and cut eye holes into the hood.

On the backside of the hood I cut a slit running up about mid-way. Then with some black shoelace I laced the hood up. This allows the wearer to slide the hood on with ease then tighten it up for a snug fit.


A close up of the sewing. I used leather bracelet string to sew the snoot onto the hood. I then re-enforced the sewing edges with glue so they will stay down on the snoot.

To finish off the Garindan Mask I took a pair of old Welding Goggles and painted them black. After they were dry I glued a washer to the front of the goggles.

This is what it looks like when you wear the hood with the attached snoot with the goggles on top.

Since Garindan is a snitch he needs a communicator to hold in his hands. So I quickly created an communicator out of some PVC parts and rubber rings.

I made it generic since you will not see the details of it in Garindan's hand.

Now that I have the hooded cape sewn. Here is what it looks like while wearing the mask with hood. I made the cape knee length. I did not like the cape down to the floor so I took some creative license.

Here is a image of the Garindan costume on a PVC mannequin.