TD 3778 Backpack

For my TD (Sandtrooper) Backpack I was lucky enough to have my friend C.Spice (TD7306) help me out by gathering the basic items to start the pack. He left it up to me to detail it the way I choose. After I got the basic items to start building my TD backpack I decided I did not want to make mine like the rest of the TD's out there. I wanted my backpack to be a bit different. So I started to look at images of Sandtrooper backpacks and I finally found the one that I wanted mine to be like. I decided to make my pack look like the ones in the added Sandtroopers in the Escape Pod Patrol scene in Star Wars - A New Hope Special Edition. This backpack is also the same design used on the Gentle Giants Sandtrooper Mini Busts. So yes it is "cannon" and I took some liberties on my backpack design.

Still from Star Wars - A New Hope Special Edition

Gentle Giant Mini Bust
I first started out with an automotive oil pan and cut out a square in the collection side. This way when I bolt items to the oil pan I can stick my hands in there and tighten up the nuts.

I then took the Radio Shack project boxes and figured out how I wanted them on the pack. I used the screws they come with and screwed then into the oil pan.

They did have to be cut down so they all were the depth.

I gathered up some items to decorate the pack. Here I found a bottle I will use and added two bolts to it.

For the two pipe assemblies I used 2" pvc pipe, a thermos, toilet ball float, and a cap. I drilled some holes for the bolts I will be using.

* The assembly with the toilet ball float will be longer for my pack. I had to work with what room I had on the pack.

I also painted my Thermal Detonator from my TK (Stormtrooper) and painted it black. I will be using this on my pack as well.

I gather more parts and pieces needed to decorate and assemble my TD pack. Here I have some plumbing parts and little squres to use. I also utilized some spilt tube for the hoses (not shown).

Here is my Sandtrooper Pack assembled. All I have to do now is add the pack straps and weather it. Most of the parts utilized to create
my TD pack are bolted into place. Not 100% screen accurate but I have had many positive compliments on my backpack and even
inspired a few other troopers out there to make a backpack based on my design.

Here is my TD Pack all weathered, strapped and ready to go.