From The Addams Family

Thing, faithful friend, loyal servant, and of course a handyman. He is an indispensable part of the Addams family. Always handy; he delivers mail, lights cigars, provides pens and makes an excellent adversary for chess.

I first started off with this project by watching the original Addams Family television show on Nick-at-Night, TV Land. I noticed that there were several different boxes that Thing inhabited. I based my recreation of Thing’s box on one of the more elaborate boxes rather than the plain black boxes that were sometimes used.

I started off by cutting the wood that I would need to make the box. Here is Thing’s box in raw form.

Then I routed the lid of the box to give it the beveled edge. After that I filled in and sanded the box down to make it look nice.

Now that the box is looking the way it should I need to color the box. In case if you do not know, The Original Addams Family television show was in Black-and-White. I had to make a guess on what color Thing’s box would be. I decided on flat black since in the opening sequence of the show Thing is in a solid black box.  
After three coats of paint I added on the hinges so Thing's box can open and close.
Then I measured out and drilled pilot holes to attach the furniture tacks that will decorate the box. 
Here are all the furniture tacks placed on Thing's box. In one episode of the show Thing was in a box almost exactly like the one I am building here.
I now attached a knob on the inside lid of the box so Thing can open and close his box. 

For Thing, since he is a hand I purchased a severed hand from a Halloween store. I cleaned it up and took off all the fake blood. I then added coat hanger wires for joints of the hand and stuffed it with cotton fill. The bottom of the hand it then filled in so the insides do not come out.

After that I positioned Thing the way I wanted him to be.


Here is my completed recreation of Thing and his box. I hope you enjoy him.