Sarris's Knife
Galaxy Quest

Deep in the Klatu Nebula, the brave Thermians have been trying to survive the advances of the genocidal Sarris, leader of a gang of Fatu-Krey soldiers that almost resemble humanoid dragons. Sarris has been offing Thermians at an alarming rate. Their home planet has been destroyed and billions are dead. Only a noble few remain on board the NSEA Protector, a ship built to the exact specifications of another ship seen on "historical documents" beamed into space from the planet Earth.

Faced with extinction, the Thermians do the only logical thing they can and seek out Taggert and his crew for help against Sarris.

Sarris, who unlike the Thermians is well-versed in deception and delivering terror, soon realizes that this dream team of officers is nothing more than a group of actors, and the sad desperation of the Thermians fuels his sick taste for pain even more. Little does Sarris expect, however, that Nesmith and his "crew" would put up a fight.

Though only shown for a brief moment in the movie. Sarris has a knife.

THis is a resin kit of Sarris's Knife from "Galaxy Quest" that I purchased.

Here is the Sarris Knife kit as is casted in raw black resin. It is a very clean kit and not to much work needs to be done on it.
I cleaned up and filled in some areas that I thought needed to be fixed on the raw resin knife. Cleaning up around the blade was the hardest part.
I then primed the knife kit in gray primer and gave the entire knife kit a once over to make sure it was to my liking.

After the knife had been cleaned up to my liking I washed it in soap and water. Then I painted the entire knife with a base coat of gold.

Though in the movie the knife looks shinny gold it is actually a gold / bone color with some gold soaking through or so I am told. Most people who make this replica paint their blade a solid bone color. Though it might look nice it is the wrong color.

I buffed the gold paint and added some ivory spray to the knife and buffed it again. Tough the pictures do not do it justice the blade and pommel of the knife are a light bone color with gold showing through.


Now I gave the knife a wash of gold paint just to give it that more golden color that is seen in the movie. I do not want my knife blade to be all pretty and clean. Sarris is a warrior and I think his knife would have seen some wear and tear.

You never see the color of the grip of Sarris's Knife in the moive. So I based my color(s) on Sarris himself, using the green and golden color pallet.

I have painted the grip of the knife a dark green for a base color. I am not covering the entire grip, I want some of the primer and gold overspray underneath to show through.

I then gave the grip a black wash to age it up and give it some character. With some of the unpainted green parts underneath it shows a little age, wear and tear.
I have now gone in with some bronze paint and washed in all the little cracks, crannies, nooks, ect. on the details.

My version of Sarris's Knife is now complete. I hope you enjoy looking at my finsihed product.