Harry Potter - And The Sorcerer's Stone
Ron Weasley’s (Hand-Me-Down) Wand

Creating the Ron Weasley Wand was not accomplished in my studio. It was created at a friend's home as part of a group project along with other Wands.
Images were taken but due to a camera read error no pictures were downloaded.

To make Ron Weasley’s wand is fairly simple.
As I studied the wand I was kind of taken back on how much longer Ron Weasley’s wand is compared to Harry Potter’s or Hermione Granger’s wand.

I first stated off by taking a piece of 5/8” dowel rod and cutting to apiece that was 13 3/4” long. I then tapered the dowel rod by sanding it down so that the base end is 5/8” and the tip is ¼”. This will be the shaft of the wand.

For the handle I took a piece of ½” dowel rod and cut it to a piece 3 ¾” long. Then I modified and added decorative wooden pieces that I bought from Hobby Lobby to finish off the handle. The decorative wooden pieces I used are two donut shaped beads in which I had to drill the inside hole larger to fit the handle, thin wooden spacers, and a furniture plug for the end.

Then I glued the wand all together. After the glue dried I sanded down the entire wand with 400-grit sandpaper to make it all smooth and seem as one piece.

I then finished off Ron Weasley’s wand by staining it a golden oak color. Due to the wood or maybe the stain used, it made a dark staining pattern to the wand which I think looks good.

After the stain was dry I sprayed a coat of Clear Satin on the wand to protect the finish.

Here is my recreation of Ron Weasley’s Wand.