Vampire Hunting Steak

The only way to kill a Vampire is to stab a wooden steak through it's heart. Here I was asked to make something for a Vampire Hunter Costume. The wooden steak had to be able to hang from a belt and look like it has been used. So with a pine wood / garden steak I started creating a Vampire Hunting Steak.

.... ....
As you can see I shaped the wooden steak. I then stained the shaped steak.

After I snaded and cleaned up the steak some more and then with several layers of paint and stain I colored the wooden steak.
My attention to detail went above and beyond since I took a hammer and hit the top end many times to give it that used hammered look.
I also around the area you would hold smoothed it out a bit more to look like it has been grabbed and used several times. Then of course if it is going to be used I lightly stained the sharp end red to simulate blood that might have soaked into the end. Overall a Vampire Hunting Steak that hangs on a costume came out rather nice.