Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade
The Holy Grail

When Dr. Henry Jones Sr. vanishes while pursuing a life-long search for the Holy Grail, Indiana Jones must retrace his father's steps in the hopes of rescuing him and the Grail from the clutches of the Nazi military machine.

Toward the end of the movie, Jones meets the ancient Knight Templar who guards the "Holy Grail", but there are many choices, gold cups, platinum, silver, terra cotta and wood. The knight says "you must choose, but choose wisely, for as the real grail brings eternal life, the false grail brings death". The bad guy comes in and chooses a glittering golden cup. "Truly the cup of a king", he says and drinks from it. Shortly later he deteriorates and turns to dust. The knight looks at them and simply says "He choose poorly". Indiana Jones selects a wooden cup "The cup of a Gallilean carpenter" he says, and with much fear having seen the results before, drinks from it. "You choose wisely" says the knight.

Holy Grail created by SgtFang.
Painted by R. Harrell.

Here is the Holy Grail from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade". It was sculpted and casted by SgtFang.
I did some clean up work on the Holy Grail.

Now that it is ready to be painted and aged I took the Holy Grail to R. Harrell for this task.

Here is my Holy Grail all painted up and weathered. R. Harrel black washed it to give it some age as if it were sitting on the Knights Table for a long period of time.