Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Uruk-Hai Sword

Uruk Hai were the most feared creatures of Saurmon’s armies. Aragorn believed that they were created by crossing Orks with evil men. They were large black creatures that were much larger and stronger than Orks, and they could travel by light of day, something the Orks could not do. Aragorn commented that their gear was not in the manner of other Orcs at all. Instead of curved scimitars, they used short, broad-bladed swords.

This is my recreation of the sword used by the Uruk-Hai in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy by Peter Jackson.
Being a fan of the Lord of the Rings I wanted to make something that you could not buy at the time.
So after looking through the films for something to make I decided to make the Uruk-Hai sword.

Of course now you can purchase replica swords from Lord Of The Rings.

As with any project I attempt, I make a blue print. This is a scan of the toy sword from one of the Uruk-Hais. I then based measurements of the sword off of the toy Uruk-Hai figure.
I decided to create the Uruk-Hai sword out of an old rusty, weather worn piece of 1/4" steel plate. I washed it with soap and water so I could work with it.
I then marked a template of the sword.
I had to use a heavy duty construction saber saw with metal cutting blades to cut the metal. This took about an hour to cut the 1/4" steel.
Here is the basic shape of the cut sword.
I then cleaned the sword up so I can work with it.

Now I have worn the sword by hitting it with hammers, punches, chisels, and more to give the sword that worn earthly made look as shown how the swords were created within the film.

I dulled the edges so they were not sharp. Have to think of safety!

I have given the sword a coat of flat clear coat spray to keep the sword from rusting up.


Now I have added on the grip to the Uruk-Hai sword. I first wrapped the handle with some duct tape to give it some bulk.

Then I wrapped some rope around it to give it the proper look.

I then finished it off with some heavy duty cloth black tape which looks like old worn leather.

My Uruk-Hai sword from the Lord of the Rings is now complete. It is time to go hunt some Hobbit.

I was lucky enough to have permission to bring this sword to the Lord Of The Rings Exhibit when it was in town. I was escorted with the sword I made and I was able to compair it to one of the real swords from the films. My sword is about 1" shorter than what was on display. For guessing on the size of this sword I am very happy on how it turned out.