Alien Fetus In Jar

So are there other life forms in the galaxy we know? Who is to say but if we are the only beings in this galaxy that is a big waste of space and empty planets.

I came across a resin 6-inche alien baby. So I decided to paint it up and stick it in a jar.

Here I started to paint the baby alien. After the green was dry I painted in some details and gave it a dark wash to give it that skin feel and look (not shown).

After the baby alien fetus was painted I got a jar that I wanted to use.
I filled it with distilled water and added a little window wash fluid for color.

Then the baby alien fetus went inside the jar.

Before I put the lid onto the jar I put some clear plastic wrap on the top and then with
black electrical tape taped the rim closed. This will keep any of the water from leaking
out the top and from evaporating. Since I used distilled water there will be no molding
or anything of that nature. So now here is the finsihed baby alien fetus in the jar.