The Evil Horde - Horde Trooper Baton

The Horde Troopers were the infantry of the Evil Horde in the SHE-RA cartoon TV series. They look like Stormtroopers, but with a Juggernaut-esque helmet and a Horde insignia. They were always being beat up by SHE-RA and the Rebellion. After a while the Horde Troopers stopped looking all nice and clean and started to show their wear from the various beatings they took.

There has been a lot of speculation over whether the Horde Troopers are robots or men in armor, for although they are generally seen as robots, the early episodes of the She-Ra cartoon series seemed to indicate they were men in uniform, in later episodes they were shown to be robots, their working components seen clearly.

The Horder Troopers were the backbone of the Horde Army. Their main standard issue weapon was the Horde Baton. A laser weapon that could be set for stun up to kill.

Horder Troopers with their Batons.

After I worked out how I was going to make this item I started with the front tip. Using a 1" PVC pipe cap and 1" hot water cap I cut the 1" PVC pipe cape and then glued in the 1" hot water cap. After I got the two pieces glued together I drilled a hole in the front. The hole is drilled just large enough for my front pipe to go through.

Using a piece of plastic pipe with a cap I had laying around I glued it into 3/4"-1/" hot water pipe reducer. This is the beginning of the front of the Horde Trooper Weapon.

I then slide my pipe assembly through the front assembly and glued it together.

*Not shown in the image I filled the inside wall with hot glue for extra support.

Now I decided to make the end cap or plug of the Horde Trooper Weapon.

With a 1" PVC pipe cap, 1" hot water cap, and a longer 3/4"-1/" hot water pipe reducer I placed the reducer into the 1" PVC pipe cap.

Then I placed the 1" hot water cap on top and squished them together. The longer 3/4"-1/" hot water pipe reducer will stop the two caps from squishing into each other.

This is the end cap or plug of the Horde Trooper Weapon.

This is what the end cap or plug of the Horde Trooper Weapon. It will plug into the end of the body of the weapon.
For the tip of the Horde Trooper Weapon I decided to use a 1.5" wooden sphere. I drilled a hole into it so it will plug into the pipe of the weapon.
For the main body I used 1.25" PVC pipe.

I made the detail rectangle out of 2mm styrene plastic.

After I cut it out I heated it up with a heat gun to bend it to fit the pipe.

When it was bent I glued it onto the PVC pipe body.

I decided at this point I was going to add electronics to the Horde Trooper Weapon. So I figured out what I wanted and went from there.

I drilled a hole in the detail piece for a button.

I drilled a hole in the wooden sphere for a red led light.

I added a buzzer.

When you push the button the end will light up red and the weapon will buzz.

I then masked off the light and button and primed the item.

I then painted it silver aluminum.

After two coats of paint I let the item dry over night.
The next day I removed the masking and placed on the end cap.

The Horde Trooper Weapon is now complete.

Push the button to make the baton buzz and light-up.