Star Trek - The Next Generation - Engineering PADD

The Personal Access Display Device, or PADD . There have been a number of different configurations for the PADD, some standard and some customized by the user. On each, however, certain elements remain consistant, including a display screen, a user interface, and some kind of status indicator. One of the most recognizable custom configuration is the red engineering PADD.

Scanned from a Star Trek Magazine

Engineering Pad on Display at The Star Trek Experience.

This is a solid resin PADD kit that I bought long ago and has been sitting in a box for years.

As I was looking for reference material on the PADD I discovered that my PADD kit is an engineering PADD.

I sanded down the kit and did some bondo work to fill in the back and some spots around the piece itself. I also had to do a lot of clean up work on the piece since there are some missalligned areas.
After I sanded down the bondo I went ahead and gave the entire kit a spray of primer to help me see how this thing is looking. After a little more cleanup work this thing might be decent.
I then gave the PADD a coat of red paint and sanded it down and painted it again.
I then painted the buttons on the PADD.
I painted and glued on the button bar and a screen piece painted gold to the side button.
Off of the internet I was looking for a display screen for the PADD. I could not find one so I searched for LCARS and found a part of one that would work for engineering.
I then placed in my screen and put in the red and green led-lights. I do believe this piece is finished.

This is my version of the engineering PADD with some artistic decisions.