Aquata Breather
Based off of the Aquata Breathers used by Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi
in Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menance

 I first started recreating the Aquata Breather air tanks. I used ceiling fan pull chain ornaments for this.

I cut them down for size and detail. The other details will be added on.

Remember there are two air tanks so I had to do this twice.

Here are the other gathered pieces for the air tank details.

I have sanded down the ceiling fan ornaments and have glued the parts to create the air tanks together. They are now ready to be primed and painted when the time comes.

Next I worked on putting the regulator of the Aquata Breather together. This is simply two rubber pieces which hold the hinges that attach to the air tanks.

Now I am creating the mouthpiece to be attached to the regulator. I made a template base off of the design in the Visual Dictionary and then cut it out of plastic.

I have now painted the air tanks.

This is the unit thus far.

I have now attached the mouthpiece to the regulator.
The two screws hold it to the rubber piece which was glued together. I added some glue to the mouthpiece to help hold it to the rubber.

After the glue was dry I painted the screws on the mouth piece white.


Well, here it is. My recreation of the Aquata Breather.