Bounty Hunter Blaster
Based off of the used by Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back & VI- Return Of The Jedi

After I figured out how I was going to build a Boba Fett / Bounty Hunter Blaster I started with removing the barrel of a toy gun.

*When I was working with the toy gun I found out that you should remove the barrel of the gun where the yellow line is indicated.

Then with some 1.5" PVC pipe cut to a length of 12" I measured and cut a notch into the PVC pipe when the bottom of the toy gun could fit.

I then took some bonding putty and filled in the open end of the PVC pipe where the toy gun is and the bottom notch.

With some .5" PVC couplings and .5" water couplings I made the ends for the site / scope.

With some .5" water pipe I cut the body and legs for the site / scope.

The body is cut at 7" and the legs at 2.5"

Here is a preview of what the Boba Fett / Bounty Hunter Blaster looks like thus far.
I cut some grooves into one end of the legs for the site / scope. This will let the body of the site / scope sit on top.
I measured from images of the Boba Fett Blaster and drilled in two holes where the legs of the site /scope will be.

For the blaster tip I took a cap from a scope bottle and cut it down and drilled a hole into it. I fit it into the barrel of the blaster gun. To give it that real world look I glued on a larger washer to the front.

I know the Boba Fett Blaster has a smooth Blaster Tip but since this is based off the Boba Fett Blaster I thought I would spice it up a bit and give the tip some texture.

Here is the progress of the Boba Fett / Bounty Hunter Blaster so far.

As you can see I added some detail straps to the barrel.

I then measured and cut some black rubber matt for the Barrel of the Blaster.

*I have been asked where did I get the black rubber matt? I got it at one of those dollar stores.

Later this black matt will be applied to the Blaster when more work is accomplished. Most likely this will be one of the last few pieces to the Blaster.
I made a template for the stock and traced it onto some 1" X 6" wood.
I have my template traced and next to the Blaster. This is an idea of what the stock will look like.
I cut the stock out and have it next to my Blaster.
I sanded the wooded stock. With some bolts I figured out how I wanted to attached them to the handle of the Blaster to help hold the stock onto the Blaster.

The top bolt is screwed and glued into the handle and then glue into the wood stock.

The bottom bolt goes through a hole in the handle and screws directly into the wood.

I then reattached the handle to the Blaster.
A closer view of how the stock is attached to the handle. Now to fill in the gaps.
Then with some Bondo I filled in the gaps.
After the Bondo dried I sanded it down.
Then I sprayed the stock of the rifle with grey primer so I could see any imperfections.
I made a template for the stock detail.

I cut the template pattern out of balsa wood and glued them onto the stock of the blaster.

I marked the cutouts so I can drill the holes in them for the detail pieces.

I also sanded the stock down where I saw areas that were not to my liking.

After I had my wooden templates glued to the stock of the blaster I started to decorate them with various parts and pieces. I used some allen-head screws, wore, clasps, and O-rings. Not exactly the same as the real Boba Fett Blaster but I think it looks good.

Besides Boba Fett's Blaster went through some changes. One blaster had a decorated stock and then another was plain. I like the decoration.

Then I primed the Blaster and Scope. After it dries I will do some touch up work and then paint the blaster.
After some touch up work I painted the blaster and scope flat black. I then did some more touch up work.
After I was happy on how the blaster looked I painted it with Semi-Flat Black. The paint is not to glossy and not to flat.

After the semi-flat black paint dried I took some silver and chrome paints and brushed on the detials such as marks, dings, ect. You do not want a Bounty Hunter to have a nice clean blaster now do you?
So after all the painting I took the rubber piece (remember from before?) and sprayed it with adhesive. I then placed it on the barrel of the blaster.

Then to finish off the blaster I glued on the scope. Here are the pictures of my Bounty Hunter Blaster.