Imperial "Biker" Scout Trooper Blaster
As seen used by Imperial "Biker" Scout Troopers in Episode VI- Return Of The Jedi

Here are the raw casted resin pieces of this kit.
 I sanded down the resin and smoothed out the prop.
After that I washed all the pieces with soap and water.
After test fitting all the pieces I went ahead and inserted little dowel rods to line up and hold the two pieces together when glued. See the Red Circles?
 I then test fitted the two pieces to see if things lined up.
After I knew the two pieces would fit I went ahead and primed the two pieces black.
 I have now painted the Blaster Satin Black.
After the two pieces were dry I went ahead and glued the two pieces together thus forming the Blaster.
I now went ahead and painted some of the details of the Blaster Gloss Black and added some wear and tear with some Silver Paint.

Here is the finished Imperial Biker Scout Trooper Blaster.