Clonetrooper Helmet - The Clone Wars
Based off of the helmets seen in Star Wars - The Clone Wars animated television series.

Clone Troopers are an army of identical, genetically-modified clones, created to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic during the conflict that came to be known as the Clone Wars. Cloned and raised in the cities of Kamino, the Clone Troopers trained and drilled since birth, and came to be regarded as one of the most efficient military forces ever to have existed in galactic history. This was not only due to their training, but also to their unwavering loyalty to the Galactic Republic and its leader, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

My Clone Wars Animated Clone Trooper Helmet came from Watch City Armory.

Here is the helmet as is out of the box. As you can see there is some work to be done.

I sanded the helmet and cut out the visor area.

I then filed out the vent holes.

I then gave the helmet a nice wash. After the hemet was dry I did a double check of the helmet to see if it were to my liking. I did a little clean up of the helmet where I found a spot I did not like. I then washed the helmet again.

The helmet is not perfect but it is fine with me. I did not want to make it all spotless and perfectly smooth. I left a few of the minor imperfections that were on the helmet. We all know that the Clones have seen many battles, unless you are a shinny you need some wear and tear on your gear.

I masked off the interior of the helmet and gave it some white primer and give it another look over and did any final clean up work that I was going to do. After I did what I was going to do with this helmet I gave it another wash and then when dry another coat of white primer.

The helmet is looking good. I painted the base white color with Krylon Fusion 2420 Satin White.

I always give the base coat a rub down with the fine sanding pad I use. All is good so another layer or two of paint will be applied and buffed again with the fine sanding pad to remove any glossy areas of the paint. My Clone will be satin with some dull spots to help give it that battle worn wear and tear type look.

Depending on what references you look at the backside of the helmet is either white with added weathering or a light grey with some added weathering.

I have decided to go with light grey by using Touch 'n tone Primer Grey. After it started to dry I buffed the grey area with my pad so it was not looking clean and perfect.

Weathering will come later.

Again depending on what references you use the cheeks may look to be colored in or just white with added weathering, either way it is your decision.

As I was using the light grey primer, I decided to go ahead and ever so gently mist some grey into the cheek cavities of the helmet. This will help with the weatering to give it that shadow look.

*What is nice, by using newspaper it leaves some ink marks onto the otherwise clean helmet which helps in the weathering.

After the helmet was fully dry I went ahead and glued in my vent screens.
I then gave the helmet some light weathering. It is hard to see in the pictures but the helmet is more weathered than what is really shown. The flash burned out some of the weathering that I have done thus far.
  The visor was then installed. I also added a little padding to the inside of the helmet so it will stay in place when I wear it.

Here is the helmet with some minor weathering. I will probably weather it more when the armor is completed.