Clone Pilot Helmet - The Clone Wars
Based off of the helmets seen in Star Wars - The Clone Wars animated television series.

Clone trooper pilots were special Clone Troopers bred in the Kamino cloning centers for the purpose of piloting craft of the Grand Army of the Republic and the early Galactic Empire.

Clone Trooper Pilots first participated in the Battle of Geonosis by piloting the Republic gunships. During the course of the Clone Wars they also flew the ARC-170's and V-wing fighters that engaged Separatist forces in the depths of space or the skies of scattered worlds. Some pilots received special training to operate vehicles such as AT-TE's and various other vehicles used by the Republic.

Ground and starfighter pilots wore armor that featured yellow markings and specialized helmets. As the Clone Wars raged on squadrons started to mark their armor and helmets representing their squad.

This is the Clone Pilot kit that I got off of SGB.

As you can see it comes with the helmet, two helmet back detail pieces and a resin chest box.

Hoses, decals and visor I will have to get on my own.

Lets start with the helmet.

As you can see I sanded down the helmet where needed and then filed out the side vents and the visor area. Let give this thing a wash and then do some clean up work where needed.

I am going to work on the helmet itself first, then move onto the detail pieces and then the chest box.

After I washed the helmet and gave it a once over to see where there might be some spots that needed fixing or more work. I went ahead and did some very little bondo work and cleaned up the helmet. As many know I like some of the natural imperfections on my helmets since they have seen some action.

Here is the helmet after I sprayed on some white primer. I then sanded the helmet where I felt the helmet still needed some work. So lets wash this thing and give it another coat of primer to see how it looks.
After I primed the helmet and sanded it down again. I found a few small imperfections on the helmet but decided to leave them. As many know I like to leave some imperfections to my helmets to help simulate wear and tear. I went ahead and painted the entire helmet with Krylon Fusion Satin White paint. This helmet is starting to take form.

I started with the grey parts of the helmet. I masked off the rear section and the top areas and then sprayed them with a light grey primer. To me it looked to light in color so I went ahead and sprayed on a coat of darker grey primer. This way when I go to scuff it up a bit some light grey will show through instead of just all white. Plus when you scuff up the paint it makes it look lighter.

Next I masked off the helmet again and painted the base yellow of the helmet. I did not mask off the middle section since it will be painted with another yellow later one. It gives it a base layer to show through with the weathering that I will be doing to this helmet. I used Krylon Bright Idea Yellow 53538.

Here I masked off the helmet for the top strip. I used Krylon Sun Yellow 51806 for this part.
I think the two different yellows look close to what the CGI helmets look like.

Here is what the helmet looks like so far. I did a little scuffing on the grey and yellow painted areas.
I like to weather helmets as I work on them to give it layers, more to come.

As I was painting the helmet I took the time between steps to clean up and paint the two pieces that will attach to the back of the helmet. Here you can see I have them painted and ready to go.

*I left the bottom sections of the detail pieces as is since you will not be seeing them once the hose is placed over them.

After I purchased some split tube hose to use for these pieces. I had to grind down the sections so the hose will fit.

I painted the section that the hose will attach to black.

*The hose I am going to use is not 100% accurate but will work for this helmet. Besides it is hard to find a hose that resembles what is CGI.

Here I glued in some screen into the helmet where I cut out the vent holes.

Next I applied the logo decals. Since Clone helmets of all variety are battle worn I scuffed up the decal.

You cannot see it in the picture very well but I did some minor weathering on the helmet just so it was not all nice and clean. The sun really washes out the weathering that I have done. At this point of working on the helmet I have glued on the two detail pieces that will hold the hose onto the back of the helmet. Depending on what reference you look at they are either straight up and down or slightly tilted so the tops of the detail pieces touch the back overhang of the helmet. I decided to tilt them slightly so the tops touch flush with the overhang of the helmet. Just need to install the visor and work on the chest box.

The Chest Box
This is the chest box for the Clone Pilot. It is made of resin and nothing has been cleaned up or modified. It is as is out of the box. So lets clean it up a little bit.

Here I did some clean up work on the chest box. Unfortunately the chest box had some air bubbles that formed some pocket spots. The top of the box is very rough as well and required some bondo work.

I filled in all the spots that I felt needed to be fixed. After some sanding I cleaned up the chest box.

I gave the chest box a good washing and went ahead and primed it so I could see what it looked like.

There are some imperfections still on the chest box but I am going to live with it. I do not want my Pilot to be all nice and clean so having a slightly-beat-up chest box will work for me.

Depending on what reference you use you can paint the chest box in many different ways. I am going with the simple black and white look as seen in the Clone Wars movie and season one of the Clone Wars show.