Cade Skywalker Lightsaber
As seen in the Star Wars Legacy Comic Book Series.

About 125 years after the fall of Emperor Palpatine, Cade Skywalker is the last of the Skywalkers. Like his predecessors, the Force is strong in him and like many of them he struggles to find his way between the Dark and Light sides of the Force. He's temperamental, often selfish, and he tries to forget his lineage after the devastating Sith attack on the Jedi Temple at Ossus where he lost his father, Kol Skywalker at the age of fourteen. Cade used an extraordinary healing power that tapped into the dark side of the Force to save his dying Master Wolf Sazen.

Fearing the temptation of the Dark side of the Force, Cade Skywalker abandoned the Jedi way and fell in with a pirate gang that rescued him from the debris of Ossus. Cade Skywalker became an effective bounty hunter over the next seven years working with his companions, Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn. However, Cade would soon discover that a Skywalker's destiny is not so easily cast aside as the remaining Jedi and the new Sith took interest in his lineage and abilities.

Close Up View.

Cade Skywalker has been seen with different lightsabers, I chose to recreate this one as seen in the Star Wars Legacy comic book series.
As I was researching the lightsaber design from the Star Wars Legacy comics I noticed that even the design changed slightly witin the same comic.
So I made my notes, took a few artistic liberties, planned out my process and begun working on this lightsaber.

After I had planned out how I was going to create this lightsaber I gathered my materials and began the process of creating a lightsaber. I had decied to make much of this lightsaber out of pvc pipe since it is just going to be a display piece in my museum.
Here I have all the main components of the lightsaber body all cut out.

Like I said before I am taking a few artistic liberties. You can see here I cut the front end of the lightsaber a little shorter than my plans show and from one of the reference images I am using.

Here I have the main body parts cut, sanded, and ready to be put together.

I now have the main body of the lightsaber assembled. I have to leave the rear
end off until fully painted, this allows me access to attach the belt clip.

Here is the lightsaber primed and ready for painting.

I have painted the lightsaber with Valspar Metallic Aluminium. I went with
this color since a standard silver seemed to be to much for this lightsaber.

After the lightsaber had dried I attached the front detail piece, the rear hook loop,
and saber grips that I got from Blast-tech Manufacturing. I then with some black paint
washed down the lightsaber. I clean lightsaber is something I do not feel Cade Skywalker
would have. He is out there in the trenches getting dirty. So without any further delays
here is my take on the Cade Skywalker Lightsaber from the Legacy comics.