Clonetrooper DC-15 Blaster
As seen in Star Wars Episode II - Attack Of The Clones & Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith

My very first Clone Trooper Costume with Blaster.

Resin Kit by Randy Johnson.
Other Star Wars weapon kits available.

I Have updated this blaster by reworking it as seen below.


Here is the unfinished resin kit that I purchased from Randy Johnson.
As you can see lots of work went into creating this kit.
This is after some sanding. Now to start some finishing work.
Here is the rifle after a bath and a coat of flat black primer.
After that I assembled the two parts and then painted the enitre piece black.

Here is the Finished Clone Trooper DC-15 Rifle.
I originally left the front barrel guards off the rifle. They are fragile and when trooping around they get broken off.

My very first Clone Trooper Costume with Blaster.

Since I am not using this blaster to troop with or anything I have decided to rework it and make it a display piece.

I first started off by sanding down the entire blaster and cleaning it up as needed. A little bondo work and some more sanding and it turned out like this. Now I know this blaster will not be 100% clean and pretty even with all my clean up work on it. So after cleaning it up a bit I have already decided that when it comes to painting this blaster it will have some weathering as if it has seen some battles during the "Clone Wars".

Next I took some beads and made the front site. In Star Wars Episode 3 - "Revenge Of The Sith" you can clearly see the front site is made up of little bead like elements.

I drilled the holes in the front of the blaster for the front site to rest in and be glued into. Depending on what reference you look at the site changes position on this type of blaster.

The beads for the front site.

After I had sanded down the blaster I washed it in the tub to remove any residue and dust.
I then primed the blaster with a coat of black primer and when that had dried I put down a base coat of silver.

I put down a base coat of silver so if the blaster ever gets hit or anything and chips the silver shows through. Plus it helps with the weathering if I add in dings and stuff.

I then gave the silver painted blaster a quick rub down and then washed it in the tub to once again remove any residue and dust that is on the blaster.

I now have given the blaster a coat of black engine enamel paint.

When the paint is dry I will give it a once over to make sure the blaster is the way I want it.

Again it is not going to be all nice and pretty but battle damaged so it does not have to be perfect.

Now the the blaster is to my liking I went ahead and attached the front sites that I had already made.
Now it is time to start painting this blaster and weather it up. Depending on what reference images you use
the Clone Trooper DC-15 Blaster has a variety of paint schemes. I choose to use one out of the Visual Dictionary.

This is my finished updated Clonetrooper DC-15 Blaster!

You just have to see this blaster in person to really appreciate the weathering.